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What are your Top 5 priorities in life?

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    -My health


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    Priorities In Life

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    What are your Top 5 priorities in life?

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    1. Friends & family

    2. Travel as much as i can

    3. Finding a nice person to have babies with

    4. Health and keeping in shape

    5. Work, but only as a mean to be able to do all this

    I guess with time #3 will go up in the ranking and #2 will go down ;)

  • The 5 priorities in my life are God, my family, friends, education and lastly the love. God is my number priority, He is the one who sends me to the right path, gives me light when I m in darkness; the teacher and the healer of my soul. Second is my family. Our family brings out the best and worst in each of us. The one who physically letting us understand everything in this world. Our family is our first love. Friend is like one body but consists of all characters. My friend is like my guide, my family, my life, my savior. Education is our greatest possession in life, we couldn t find a solution to anything without learning how. Lastly is love, like love in independence. Falling in love for someone is a feeling that no one could escape. This is the best feeling somebody could have "loving and being loved". Love is where all things in the world started without His love people are dead. -Jane na maganda

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    Provide for and love my child(ren) Leave an artistic legacy Work with professionalism and integrity, not for money alone Find a muse Avoid boredom

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    Getting my ideas out there (especially those about arts, crafts & architecture), being awesome, teaching people stuff, making my life interesting, and giving humanity a hefty kick forwards in terms of knowledge & civilization.

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    1. Love and support to my family. 2. Love for my neighborhood and my country. 3. Help and make the environment green. 4. Peace and prosperity to mankind. 5. Love of God. Thanks for asking. Have a great day!

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    2.god be expert in english be graduate have good wife


    Sorry for adding 1 extra point.

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    Salvation. <}:-})

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