What percentage should a photographer get?

My wife wants to create derivative art from a photograph on the internet. We have contacted the photographer about using it, and he seems willing to let her for a percentage of sales. We have no problem doing this since it seems to be the normal thing. What we do not know, is what a fair percentage for the photographer is? Are there any artists or photographers who could give us an idea so we don't get taken, but also don't stiff the photographer?

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  • Phi
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    1 decade ago
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    It's always best to sell usage rights for a set fee. An exception is when you are arguing in your favor to get a couple percent of something you know will be a long term money maker in addition to your set fee. Negotiating for a straight percentage indicates a lack of confidence in the results, or you are collaborating with the other party. In that case a higher percentage of sales in the twenty percent range would be more appropriate.

  • B.E.I.
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    As a photographer, I would need to see samples of previous work (or at least a very detailed description or sketch) to make sure it would not be degrading my photograph and to see how much of the particular photo is used/recognizable.

    Another thing I would want to know is the production run and the sales price. Is it going to be one piece or one thousand? Are you going to sell it for $40 or $4000? Depending on these answers would determine what I would want for compensation.

    Without more details on your side of the project, it is hard to say what would be fair. Just make sure that you have a contract that explains EVERY detail and limitation.

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    A lot of photographers put work into their photos. and its not just a easy snapshot. there are angles, lighting, and even timing of day ect. this photo might be particularly special to the artist. but you could also be advertising this artist by promoting their photo so you could put that into perspective

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    Depends on how much the photograph is changed really. I would say send him a copy of the final product and ask him how much he thinks is fair?

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  • Anonymous
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    I have never sold my work in this manner so I really couldn't tell you. Figure out what percentage you can live with giving him and make a lower offer so as to have room to bargain...

    However, I would make darn sure you have a contract in place detailing what you are buying exactly as well as the payment (Is it a percentage of gross sales or net sales?) info. And make sure this contract is reviewed by a lawyer who specializes in art matters.

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