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How long is life expectancy after heart bypass surgery?

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    If it was a successful heart bypass surgery with no complications and the person takes care of themselves properly, they can hypotetically live to be 100 years old, so basically saying that it may not shorten the persons life expectancy at all

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    not one can put a time on any ones life only a rough guess but a bypass can last up to ten yrs but that is not always the case i have had 2 done in less than 20yrs it all depends on how good it went how many arteries were blocked but i do no of some people that have had it done what as lasted 13yr but my Friend had hers done 15 yrs ago now she is waiting to go back for her second it is not a permanent cure but a prevention to lessen the chances of getting angina attacks your cardiologist should have told you this it is like a cancer patient they have chemo it lasts for so long then go into remission then all at once its flares up again well this is on the same lines it all depends on the individual person the way it reacts i no more people can suffer more after having it done than before it was done if you have had one done i hope it lasts forever but im 100% sure at some point in your life you will end up having it re-done then it all depends again how bad your heart was my was bad because i had 3 previous heart attacks but i wish you all the luck hope this as helped you take care

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