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Is it normal for your hands to have a little bit of shakiness to them?

Like its not noticable no one has ever said anything but when I stare at my hands my fingers move just ever so slightly without me trying to move them is that normal?

they move like half a millimeter.

I know hitler had this does that mean I am insane as well?

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    I think you're normal.

    Some level of shakiness is common, and if it's as minimal as you report it is, there's nothing to worry about.

    You might find your shakiness is greater or lesser depending on when you last ate, slept, if you've had any caffeine, etc.

    Some people have a tremor visible to others, sometimes impairing their ability to use their hands to type, write, etc. This is usually a side effect of medications, evidence of alcohol abuse, or what they call "essential tremor" - a tremor with no discernible cause.

    Essential tremor and tremors from medications can be treated with other meds like propranolol or primidone. It doesn't sound like your problem is severe enough to warrant this though.

    The preferred way to observe this kind of tremor is by holding your hand outstretched with all your fingers held straight and apart from each other. Holding your hand that way will maximize the tremor's appearance.

  • 9 years ago!!!! haha

    I have the same thing actually so i'm curious to see what it is.

    I'm planning on invading Poland. would you like to join me? :P

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