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Windows 7 64Bit used to work with printer, now saying no printers installed and "active directory domain servi?

Hey, so my windows 7 64 bit laptop used to work perfectly with my HP LaserJet 1020. All of a sudden I tried to print from word and it said "no printers installed" so i clicked "add a printer" and i get the message "active directory domain services unavailable".

Also, now in devices and printers it has the name of my printer as connected but under "unspecified" instead of printer.

I tried troubleshooting, it said it found no problems and was of no help.

any help would be much appreciated, I'm a college student, I need to print things =P

(also, my knowledge of computers is limited, physics major, so detailed instructions would be awesome)


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    Make sure you're signed in as the "administrator" or signed in as you normally did when it was working. If you signed in under a different user name, it could cause a problem.

    Usually "active directory domain services" are used when you're connected to a large network, like a company or school. If that's the case, you will need to contact the tech support there and have them correct the active directory domain for you.

    You should also try re-installing the printer & drivers from the CD or HP's website:

    Otherwise, here's some links that will step you through some possible fixes:

    Also, you can try this:

    1. Click the Start menu > Click Network

    An icon for every computer on the network should appear.

    2. Double click on the icon for the computer with the printer you want to


    An icon for that printer should appear. (If not, go to that computer and

    make sure that printer is shared.)

    3. Double click the icon for that printer.

    A window for that printer appears with a message that the printer is being

    located. When it finds it, the printer is ready.

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