can someone help me with this?

i want to write a story, i have the characters but i cant think of wat its goin to be about and al the other stuff so could u plz help me . ok so tha characters are this: the main characters are sarah and ashley and they are identical twins. they have a mom and dad and no other siblings, and they look like this: dark brown hair shiny and smooth and bluish-greenish eyes and very tall and skinny. ok and the other characters are jenna and morgan , their friends. and jeremy, sarahs bf and bradley , ashleys bf, and btw sarah and ashley r new there and sarah doesnt like it there but ashley does. ok and the rest u can make it up, thnx for tha help if u do help lol

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    9 years ago
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    It helps to have an idea of what you want to write about first. Given the situation you laid out, the obvious and easy choice is have one twin be evil. It's been done but can have a new twist in your story. Perhaps by giving them a nickname they both share so when the evil one is doing something evil the characters refer to her by the nickname. The twist being is that the reader and the characters do not know which is the evil one until the end.

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