What is a United States Postal Service Electronics Technician?

I am currently in the United States Navy and i am a Computer and Electronics Tech. I was wondering how close this would be in working tense. I am not to sure exactly what an ET does for the USPS, but i am assuming the same thing that i would do in the Navy. For example Testing and troubleshooting a faulty system by using schematics and manuals. Assuming that i am right i am now wondering how difficult it would be to become and ET after my enlistment? Also i am wondering what are the proper steps that i would have to take to do so? Lastly i was wondering, as with all Government jobs, if they would honor my 4 years of service and would be able to retire from this job after only 16 years of service instead of 20? I would appreciate anyone that can give me some resourceful information regarding my interest. Thank you a million!

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    You would be diagnosing and repairing the automated equipment used in the USPS. But good luck trying to get hired. The USPS is trying to eliminate as many positions as possible. Within the next 2 years, all of the labor unions in the USPS will have their contracts renegotiated (will probably go to binding arbitration).

    Since I'm not a veteran, I'm not sure how your 4 years will be honored. You have to have at least 10 years of USPS service to retire under FERS (Federal Employee Retirement System, the USPS is no longer covered by Civil Service). Ideally, to obtain a larger pen$ion, you should have at least 30 years of service.

    You will have to take and pass the exam. The higher you score, the greater your chances of being hired. You must score at least 70. Veterans receive 5 to 10 bonus points.

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