what would happen if the moon moved closer to earth?

i am supposed to write a 10 page manual thing for my language arts class.

i just need some facts that i cant seem to find!! :(

what would happen if the moon moved closer to earth (as in what happpends in "life as we knew it"

help on these?

tides would come in farther (?) feet

waves are higher by (?( feet

days are shorter by (?) hours

temperature has changed (?) degrees

i need ANY facts on what would happen to the earth! specifically plants, humans, animals,

and challenges and survival solutions for food, shelter, energy, human relationships.


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    The moon's orbit was once very much closer than it is today, back when the Earth's days were 9 hours long, the moon was a huge glowing ball in the sky many times larger than it appears now. But that was billions of years ago and life was yet to really get going.

    The moon is always receding by a few centimetres a year and will do for about 2 billion more years. If it were somehow pulled back in closer (it's best to think of the moon's orbit as a dog running around the earth forever yanking on it's chain trying to run away from us) then it would exert marginally stronger tidal effects.

    These would certainly stir the sea up, and may well increase the amount of tectonic shake-up which could well increase the risk of earthquakes and volcanoes.

    There's probably physicists here who can give you decent figures rather than my musings, but on balance I don't believe that a closer moon would spell any sort of disaster for us. We'd have to make adaptations to new muscular tidal influences but other than that, life would go on. I shall make some checks though in case I've spouted nonsense.


    There would be an effect on day length. A closer moon will put more frictional drag on the earth and days could lengthen more quickly than they currently do. However to an individual observer this would be barely noticeable, and even over a lifetime little difference would have occurred (a moon 2 thirds closer would perhaps lengthen days by a second and a bit each year)

    If the moon were to crash into us, you can forget survival issues, it would split the planet in 2 and all life of any description would be exterminated in the break up.

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    Currently, there is just enough gravitational pull between the earth and the moon to offset the centrifugal force of the moon rotating around the earth. As the moon rotates around the earth, its inertia makes it want to travel in a straight line. But, the attractive force of the two bodies does not allow that to happen. And, this balance has been going on for billions of years, although the moon gets slightly farther away from the earth every year.

  • The moon is the launch pad for the next catastrophic event to befall man. Aliens have taken up residence there, as well as our oceans.

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    the moon moves closer the earths gravity will pull the moon into earth. if it did im talking about mager earthquakes and tsunamies

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    tides would increase depending on how much the moon moves.

    i doubt temperature will change... but it seems like you are on the right track already.

    and also women's cycles will become spuradict.


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