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What does "Nuttery" mean?

And is it slang, adj, noun or what? Also, give some examples please.


Mike Adams adds religious nuttery to his armamentarium as he slimes.

Here's the context.

Update 2:

Mike Adams adds religious nuttery to his armamentarium as he slimes Patrick Swayze posthumously *

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    n. an insane asylum; the place where nuts are kept.

    "If you keep acting so odd, we'll have to put you in a nuttery."

    Remember that the right wing nuttery is allready staying away from wapo because they have bought into the garbage that they are being taught.

    —Think Progress » Post Executive Editor: Froomkin Flap Is About Pleasing the White House

    Second, Peretz’s nuttery is on Israel and the Middle East, and while he was always pretty crazy on that stuff, he has gotten even worse in this decade.

    —Matthew Yglesias » Green Lantern in Indochina

    I've never gotten excited over 'Bam's birth certificate brouhaha - but you lefties are so driven to nuttery over it, that I am beginning to think there is something to it ... also, "defended" in the headline is such a loaded word that it discourages reading any further ... lila

    —Palin defends Obama birth certificate inquiries

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    Hard to tell without context, but I'm going to guess it's slang for a mental institution. "Bobby over there has been acting so odd lately. He's going straight to the nuttery."

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