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Is Westport, Ct like Beverly Hills rich?

Is the town of Westport Ct as rich as Beverly Hills?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Not at all...Westport, CT and Beverly Hills are like comparing apples and oranges. No where near the obvious wealth there is in Beverly Hills will you find here in CT, no, no there is not the same kind of money in Westport that you will find in Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills is Glam and Westport is country bumpkin. You are talking New England baby....freezing temperatures in the winter, snow that piles up so fast you can't find your mail box and ice storms that take down power lines leaving you in the dark for what seems like forever, ice that makes the roads so treacherous the governor and state police ask that you stay home. CT home of the CT Yankee and I'm not talking baseball either. CT has got to be one of the most boring states you'll ever have the misfortune to visit. And the only reason you would visit the state would be if you knew someone who lived here because there is nothing else to see. The only wealth in CT is on the boarder of NY, like Stamford, New Cannan, and Greenwich, that is were any wealth in CT begins and ends. After that you got nothing. The Mark Twain house, Yale and then enter the endless miles of nothingness that is the rest of the state, the most over rated, misrepresented, State there ever was. There is nothing going on in CT, nothing to do, see, or ever get excited about. Yet we have this ridiculous reputation of one of the wealthiest states in the country. Any celebrities or rich folks that populate a very tiny portion of the state or that own a home here, no doubt has a second home else where. The only celebrities here are the ones that want a low profile and to be unnoticed. And that is all I have to say about that. I would leave the state in a heart beat but my children, and grandchildren live here, have their roots here and we are a very family orientated family and what I should have done was moved to another state when they were young before they had had a choice or planted any roots here.

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  • 10 years ago

    Probably not but it is older money. It does not look fancy and is a small town compared to Beverly Hills. It is not flashy. It looks like a country village which it is. I lived in Westport in the 1970s.

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