What is the best way to learn programming for iphone apps?

I'm working in the IT field, and one of our projects is to create an application for the iphone. Without going into too much detail, it will require a pretty good understanding of objective c (the programming language used to write iphone applications).

I actually have a few questions that I'm hoping an app developer could answer.

1. Realistically, how long will it take to learn and become comfortable writing objective c? Is this something where a class would be required because of the difficultly, or could I grab a few books and go through examples on my own?

2. Can objective c be used for creating programs on other mobile devices (such as android, windows mobile)?

4. Could you recommend any books?



Thanks for the advice. I will check out Stanfords iphone application development.

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    Hi Jackie Chan,

    Read the "Head First iPhone Development: A Learner's Guide to Creating Objective-C

    Applications for the iPhone ". It helps you get your first application up and running in no time. You'll quickly learn to use iPhone SDK tools, including Interface Builder and

    Xcode, and master Objective-C programming principles that will make your

    app stand out. It's a complete learning experience for creating iPhone applications.


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    Look for CS193P. That is the Stanford course. For books Begining iPhone Development 3 from Apress. The book is probably more useful than CS193P.

    Android devices you'll program in JAVA

    Windows mobile you'll use a .Net language

    The fundamental principles of all those languages are more the same then different so once you learn the basics of OO programming you should be able to move between languages easily.

    If you get stuck message me I've got apps in the app store. I also hang out in #iphonedev on freenode

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    Stanford put two courses worth of lecture videos from their iPhone development courses on iTunes U, which you can get for free.

    The only thing you can do with Cocoa is write iPhone and OS X apps.

    As for how long, well, that depends on how much you already know about programming and how well you learn, really.

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    5 years ago

    Learn Cocoa/Objective C. That is the programming language used. Offered at many universities that have Computer Science department. Since your not at the age for Uni, I would recommend learning the basics of OOP and going from there.

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