Why is Fernando Alonso hated?

Hi guys . I started watcing F1 in 2008. So I'm not completely informed about the relationships between drivers, their attitudes and etc. l think I know a lot but why is it that when Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton or McLaren are mentioned, words of negativity associated with Alonso come up?

I understand something did not go well between Alonso , McLaren and their Hamilton during the past. I'd greatly appreciate it if someone fills me in on the details about why Alonso is hated and what exactly happened during his tenure in McLaren to make him become "jerk" he seems to be today.

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    Basically Alonso has to have his own way at a team regardless of what team it is. Hence Renault, Mclaren and now Ferrari.

    At Mclaren, Lewis kept getting the Attention. Also Lewis was a rookie, Alonso was double world champion. However as the season progressed, Lewis was outshining the double world champion and Alonso didn't like this. Hence his relationship broke down with Ron Dennis and he hardly spoke to Lewis unless camera's were on. Continuing on, Alonso blocked Lewis in the pitlane at Hungry 07 when it was Q3 for pole. Which sparked outrage. Although he got a 5 place penalty I think.

    That's why drivers fear Alonso and the last driver they want behind them is Alonso. Also if Lewis is trying to over Alonso or vice versa, there's history between them and it's a challenge and 1 year worth of hatred kinda being taken out. It's like Shumi and Barrichello but that is another story to. That's why Lewis and Alonso's overtaking on each other are very 'violent' and aggressive.

    If you watched Abu Dhabi, at the end of the race what he did to Petrov was unacceptable. At the end of the day, the drivers are driving their own race. He's done alot like that in the past.

    So this is why he's kinda hated. Although I have nothing against him as a person, As a driver that's a whole different story!

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    5 years ago

    You may well feel sorry for him, but I believe he was the highest paid driver at McLaren. Whatever else may be said, being the highest paid driver = being number one driver. I think your criticism of McLaren is a bit one eyed. Avoiding the incident of the Ferrari blueprints because I don't know enough detail, he was noted in the press to spend a lot of time with team members of Renault. While this isn't wrong, it isn't going to raise your profile within the team paying you. Why should mechanics and engineers work all hours to get your car ready for you to win when you spend all your spare time chatting to opponents? While no one likes being beaten, no one knows like Alonso, the Drivers Championship is all about getting the most points at the end of the season. How do you think he won his previous titles? The fact is, apart from his own stupidity, he would have won the title. Unfortunately, I believe his leaving McLaren was the only logical option. I've heard rumours of his going to Ferrari, but whether they will actually want him is another matter. In regards to this season, as far as I can tell this year's car appears to be average, but that isn't any reason to write Alonso off. I have no doubt he will be pretty close to the top of the Drivers Championship Table at the end of the year. He is a very good driver, as getting through the Australian GP without any incidents proves. But based upon the Australian GP qualifying results, I just can't see him being the winner.

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    1. he prevented M Schumacher from winning in 2005 and 2006

    2. he purposly blocked his own team mate hamilton so that he could not get pole in 2007 Hungary

    3. he was involved in the Mclaren scandal 2007

    4. he was involved in the Renault 2008 Singapore scandal

    5. he was also involved in the Germany 2010 scandal

    6. he gave Petrov the finger in Abu Dubai 2010

    7. he is arrogant and cocky

    and the list goes on

    He is hated in mostly England because of him and Hamilton

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    I knew that Fernandino would crack under the pressure of the final race and he did as well. Thats just him, take a look at who has won the F1 WDC previously, all drivers who "thrive" under pressure, like Lewis Hamilton, Like Jenson Button, and now Sebastian Vetell has also finally proved that he can handle huge pressure when it really matters.

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    alonso pulled a fast one on a qali lap he came into the pits and was supposed to pull staright back out so hamilton cud come in and get out again b4 the time for the session was up but he didnt he sat in the pits for ages with hamilton sat behind him rather mad and then alonso went on his merry way so he cud get another lap in and hamilton cud not so didnt get a great time in quali, there was no reason for alonso to stay in the pits for that length of time only to be very spiteful, he is full of ********* and sly moves not a team player at all

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    Possibly because he is such an unlikeable person.

    He has delusions of graduer about himself. Yes he is two times world champion but that does not give him the right to think that he is lord god almighty and that he is the only one in a team that matters.

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    Alonso isn’t a bad bloke but he lets his emotions get the better of him, sometimes he can be a sook and self-centered.

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    I'm so disappointed in Ferrari and Alonso aswell..

    I'm Italian so I think it's normal to be disappointed when an Italian brand,like Ferrari, fails.

    I think he's hated because he's quite arrogant and he thinks he's the best

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    well, he's just had a bad season, dont worry babe, he'll be getting the positives soon!! xx !! well i sure hope soo!

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    I don't know, i like him! Why does everyone hate him?

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