i need advice!! i dont know if i want to be with my girlfriend. :'(?

okay. i am 17 and in high school as a senior. i have a girlfriend that i have been dating for almost eight months now. we go to different schools. i love her. however i feel like i am not happy with her anymore. heres why:

1. she is kind of too clingy. she tells me to call her EVERY SINGLE morning as soon as i wake up and talk to her while i get ready for school and until the second the bell rings to go to homeroom. so i do to try to make her happy. then on days i dont go to work i go to her house. on days i do work she tells me to call her the second i get out of work until i go to sleep. she doesnt want me to sit with my best friend (who is a girl) on the bus and she said that she just wants me to talk to her ten minutes a week. i dont see my friend outside of school at all. and she only wants me to text my friend when she texts me. i cant call my friend cuz my girlfriend would go crazy. she even has a boyfriend so there is nothing to worry about. so i miss my friend.

2. another reason is i feel like she doesnt trust me. like i said she doesnt want me to sit with my friend or even talk to her. every time i get on the bus she asks me whos sitting with me. she reads my text messages. she has even read my messages on facebook.

3. lastly i miss my friends. she wants to see me every chance she gets and i never have time to hang out with my friends any more. if im not at work im at her house. im at her house more than my own. i just need more freedom. i need to be able to hang out with my friends. i miss everyone.

i have talked to her about all of these things and i feel like she doesnt want to change it. i have even brought it to the point of telling her i cant be with her if these things dont change. i love her and i dont want to leave her but i feel like i have to.

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    uhh...she doesnt seem to give you some space....i think you should really break it off with her..i mean...you're not even married yet she treated you like you're her husband or smth...since you said you go to different schools,i think thats the main reason why she feels insecure....just brerak it off with her...i know it seems hard..its been 8 months...but,you dont want to live like that and pretend to be ok with it rite...just do it in person and not through phone or text...

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    wow is your gf a little bit self-centered(no offence). Maybe she has to think a bit out of her box and that ppl have many other things to do than just to be with her. Text her messages maybe but i dont think you need to call like 3-4 times a day. Keep in contact and she will get use to it. And of course if you did the things you mentioned you really want to be with her but there are still some blockades find some ways to solve them and all will go well. Most importantly you two has to agree on it and try to help out to understand each other(is what i see here).

    GD LUCK!!!!!

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    To be honest,

    your girlfriend porbably has a lack of confidence and needs reassuring.

    It is also important to set certain boundaries, and you need to make these very clear to her in an empathetic way.

    I would try and sit her down and talk to her, and just explain to her that you love her, but if she loved you in return she wouldnt make you give up the things that mean a lot to you.

    If she accepted you exactly as you were, she should not be trying to change anything about you or your lifestyle- tell her she needs to bear this in mind.

    Good luck

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    shes is beyond clingy obsessive maybe!!!

    you need to get your life back and all your friends in it!

    your just 17 in high school this is the time you should live your teen years

    and have fun you need to stop listing to your girlfriend for everything she demands

    that is not a relationship !!! you have talked to her about her clingines and she doesn't care why be with someone this way!!

    next time text your bestfriend sit with her next to the bus do what you want to do

    you are not married nor have a responsibilities !

    you are not cheating so your girlfriend need to be more trustworthy

    next time you dont work go with your friends !!!!

    dont let your gf stop you tell her you need time with your friends!

    if i was you i would tottally dump her!

    but if you dont want to stop listing to her demands !

    and listen to your own self

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    Listen dude , its about prioritizing your life your 17 rite now you don't know what love means if you really did love her you wouldn't be complaining about this , loving someone means having the same feelings as them about everything if she wants to talk and you don't that means its a conflict , when you get into a relationship you should start viewing yourself as one , make your decisions keeping that in mind. If you want me to tell you the truth i see she loves you but you don't love her. If you think you can compromise these things and you do love her then then don't break up.

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    I started feeling like I was suffocating just reading her demands. She sounds too insecure and selfish to be in a relationship with anyone. She doesn't want a boyfriend, she wants a Siamese twin!

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    she is controlling and has trust issues. tell her if she cannot trust you, then she doesnt need to be with you anyways. make her break up with you instead by bringing this to her attention. if she doesnt break up with you, then shes obviously dumb and you should just go ahead and dump her

    truth hurts

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    WOW, she is suffocating you, and if she wont change, then she doesn't care for you and is not the girl for you

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    i think you should tell her how you feel and if she dont wanna change tell her you are gonna have to leave

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    just link her this page and im sure it will speak for it's self tbh

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