Poor Black people vs. Poor white people?

why does it seem that blacks handle adversity better than their white counter-parts? in ghettos across the u.s. or impoverished towns of africa, when blacks are down and out, they usually resort to crimes/schemes that will help them escape poverty, even if they will risk their freedoms. can you blame them? dealing drugs, armed robberies, etc. crime-for-profit.

when whites are down and out, whether in america or eastern europe, they give up on life. the women all become prostitutes ( you should check out the prostitution rates in countries like moldova, romania, latvia, etc. ), both men and women become alcoholics/drug addicts, they commit suicides, etc. likely to commit power re-assertion crimes.

i also notice that a lot of black millionaires, interestingly enough, made it out of poverty. i have never heard of a white guy making it out of poverty to become wealthy, aside from the woman who writes the harry potter books. also noticed that whites are jailed for violent crimes at an alarmingly higher rate than blacks. while most blacks are jailed for drug-related offenses, whites are incarcerated more often than not for domestic violence, sexual battery/assault/rape, child abuse ( including sexual ), and murder ( unrelated to money/drug disputes ).

why do white people seem to have such a hard-on for power and hurting people weaker than them, and why aren't they able to adapt to and overcome adversity as easily as other minority groups?


Ice em, you media sure has done a hell of a job brainwashing you. How many times have you been killed in the ghetto? lol.

Update 2:

Karbo, you couldn't point out a single ignorant thing I said above. NEXT.

Update 3:

Apparently, everything I said was true. No one can argue against it or explain why.

Update 4:

Ice em, you didn't say anything of importance. I ask why Blacks handle adversity better and you say no one wants to go to the ghetto. Next.

Update 5:

Karbo, my facts are life experience and my environment. You want me to base it off of some falsified statistics? Don't you just hate people who base things off of statistical data, without a personal experience to confirm whatever it is we have read? Bleh.

Update 6:

Thank you, Paige. I'm not sure whether political correctness is so deeply embedded in their brains, or if they are just overly sensitive.

Update 7:

Karbo, tell you this much - if I drive past Phillips Hwy after 11:00 P.M. there are 6 white prostitutes for every black one. My observation. What are yours, besides, 'statistics?'

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  • Miss P
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    9 years ago
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    Tennasia Is Right Poverty Is Poverty.

  • Sid
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    9 years ago

    There are plenty of white millionaires that came form poor backgrounds. Your take on prostitution is imbalanced as the Eastern European countries that you mention have hardly any black people living there. There are plenty of black prostitutes in Western Europe and North America. There are also a great many white or mixed race gangs dealing drugs etc here in the UK so I think your argument is off the mark.

    All I can say is long live two tone music and the 69 Ska/skinhead/suedhead culture where race was not an issue but the economic lot was. Oi, SHARP Oi!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Point blank Poverty is Poverty. its not a good feeling no matter if your black or white

    whether your selling drugs in the ghetto like "Black people" or giving up on life and prostituteing like "white people" (which if i may add both white and black people do BOTH of those things) its all BAD!

    so to say that black people handle being poor better is just ignorant and dosent make sense!

  • 9 years ago

    YES, I BLAME anyone who resorts to illegal activities in order to "make a living". Although they may not have put themselves in that position in life, it is their responsibility to get themselves OUT of it - and NOT by being a liar and a thief.

    We ALL were blessed with this thing on our shoulders called a BRAIN. Some of us do learn how to use them properly, some of use just don't even try to learn how to use it. Sorry, but I have no sympathy for anyone who refuses to learn.

    It is called CHOICE. Make the right choices and get ahead - make the wrong ones, and you loose. Pretty go**** simple - - even a caveman could do it. Quit your whining. CHOICE gets you were you are at - this is 2010 - NOT 1950.

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  • 9 years ago

    LMFAO, you said blacks handle adversity better, that was funny! Nobody, I mean nobody, wants to go to a ghetto neighborhood for fear of death. If that is a better handling of adversity in your eyes, I'd hate to see what else you are proud of lol!!!

  • 9 years ago

    having come from a family that consisted of me, mum and my grandmother. i seem to have done pretty well. i've got my comic i work on. i tutor english, i edit from time to time and i make my payments on my house on time. not everyone is gonna fit so neatly into these categories of yours skippy. i've never beaten anyone who wasn't asking for it, never laid hands on a woman unless invited... well not counting the two who tried to rearrange my nose. so far i've overcome pretty much everything in my way. anything else?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Your ignorance is astounding.

    This is the only answer your question deserves.

    "It seems", "I notice", "Why does it"

    Clearly points out your ignorance. Nothing was cold, hard fact. Back up your nonsense with facts and perhaps I might have given you a carefully thought out reponse.

    Edit: "the women all become prostitutes " Have you figured that from life experience? You must be kidding. You've run around the world making your own statistics on african crime and white suicides, as well as eastern european prostitution?

    ...give me a break.

    Source(s): numbskull. NEXT.
  • *BB*
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    9 years ago

    I have noticed this, I work for a law firm but even though the cases that pass my desk are black males that do rob and kill for money and the white people are usually statutory rape within the family or just traffic cases. White people criminal minds can range for minor to major I have rarely seen a in between case with them. The attorney I work for has gotten 1 person off death role for a murder he committed 15 years before he got caught and 3 others he has walked on murder.

    Blacks can handle being broke more than whites because whites that are poor look at majority of other whites and see they have money but blacks look around and see more people who are black in the same predictament as them, so it's easier if your friend is just as poor as you. But white people can be very mean whites with money look down on everyone especially other whites who don't have money. Blacks are more accepting of others than whites.

    My opinion.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    He who possessessss larger backsss carry much more burden.

  • 9 years ago

    Why didn't you just save all the words and just ask, why are black people better than white people. lmao

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