Call of Duty Black ops vs Modern Warfare 2?

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just wondering what you guys think is better
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What are guys talking about black ops is way better than modern warfare 2 the story in mw 2 sucked the online game play was full on noobs yeah black ops has the bad spawn but they will patch it it has 13 maps with out dlc and when we get the dlc we are goin to get more people just cry about black ops cause you have to have skills to play this game and be good at it hell if modern warfare 2 was anything like this game it would be 10 times better than what it actually is

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I apreciate these answers, but i myself like black ops i just wanted to think wat the other people in the world thought Black Ops rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Sara answered 3 years ago
    MW2 is better in my oppinion. I was so looking foward to BO, but when I played it for the first time I wanted to throw it out the f*cking window. Its BS! lol.
    And i'm sorry to one other person here, MW2 wasnt as bad as spawnkilling as BO is now.
    I get spawn killed every single game at least once. It's pathetic.
    I hate BO and so does my boyfriend, we will def be trading it in soon.
    Such a waste of money. The campainge is pretty good though,
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  • ? answered 3 years ago
    Modern warfare 2 for me.... I got Black ops and the campaign was allright, got really easy in Veteran after first few missions which was dissapointment really. But the biggest dissapointment for me is the fact that Sniping is ruined: Not just Quick scoping ( WHY THE F would you remove the 1 thing everyone loved playing in private matches a year after MW2 came out). But Hardcore scoping aswell because 1) the maps are so badly made that there is hardly any sniper spots and the few sniper spots there are, aren't good for surviving or has little traffic and 2) With no stopping power, unless you shoot them in the head, you get a hit mark - now i'm not the best sniper guy but i would expect to kill someone if i shoot them in the bloody chest with a Bolt action Sniper in 1 shot.

    Perks in Black ops are stupid, the challanges to unlock the Pro versions of Perks are even stupid-er and the contracts are a very stupid excuse to add something new to the game - their either too easy and pointless or are forcing you to do the exact same thing just so you can complete it....

    Zombies, yes fun, yes very hard for the casual players specially when your friends just don't get it that shooting zombies in the head gives them more points.

    Killstreaks - Nuke in MW2 gave something to aim for but also contributed to a bit of camping, removal of nuke in BO and what? Even more Campers... Proves the point that Nukes were not the reason for Camping.

    Guns: Yeah i like decorating my gun freely and my reticle, BO gets that but the guns itself are in my opinion unbalanced. Shotguns and Snipers are unused because they are way too weak - why include them at ALL?
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  • John answered 3 years ago
    I think MW2 is slightly better because of the maps. Black Ops is still a badass game though. How could you not like some of the new additions? (decoy, camera spike, rc car, currency, extended gun customization, new perks.....) This game is sweet, and im just tired of MW2.
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  • Ryan Johnston answered 3 years ago
    I think that BO is better in a lot of ways but there are also quite a bit of ways that MW2 was better. Obviously noob tubing isn't as prevalent, thank god, and there is no tac knife Commando crap, but the spawns in BO are horrendous. I can't tell you the number of times that my team has run into the enemy spawn and then they spawn flip and I get shot in the back. Or the number of times where I want them to switch spawns and they wont, they just keep spawning around me and eventually I just run out of ammo and die, usually by getting shot in the back. And the sound in BO is terrible. You can't even here people walking on Metal. Or the clic of a claymore. I don't have a headset or anything but I as alwas able to here such things in MW2.
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  • code8769 answered 3 years ago
    black ops definatly as modern warfare 2 was the biggist load of c*** going in which spawnkilling was rewarded with a game ender


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  • Nathan Huff answered 3 years ago
    neither COD is a completely unoriginal FPS with boring and repetitive gameplay
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  • macmicky17 answered 3 years ago
    black ops mw2 is ****
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  • doug answered 3 years ago
    MW2 is by far the better game. Black Ops has horrible matchmaking, spawning sucks, and there is soo much lag it feels like you are playing on dial-up internet. Also the graphics are not as good. Campaign was on par with MW2, but MW2 had a better ending. Black Ops is good. Interesting with the COD points to buy guns and stuff. I think that is better than what MW has. But Treyarch is just not as good as IW. Anybody who says Black Ops is a better game doesn't know video games. Yes MW2 had noob tubbers and campers, but people still camp and noob toob.


    Played both games
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