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Raw chicken = salmonella?

When feeding raw chicken wings to dogs why do people not seem to be concerned about salmonella poisoning, is it something that dogs won't get?

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    Dogs have a digestive system which can handle salmonella, so it is pretty much a non-issue for dogs. Besides, there is plenty of salmonella, e-coli, and other nasties in kibble as well.

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    Dogs don't get salmonella.

    Dogs digestive enzymes handle raw chicken just fine with no issue of salmonella what so ever. They do not have the same digestive tracts as humans, we are more sensitive to it. The only time it becomes an issue in raw feeding is if the people providing the raw diet are not practicing good cleaning habits when handling raw meat of any kind.

    My dogs eat chicken on a weekly basis and have done so now for over a year. Never had any trouble with a completely raw diet at all. My dogs are perfectly healthy on a raw diet. I always wear gloves, wash my hands and clean the prep area with a disinfectant. Myself, husband and children have never become ill as a result of raw feeding our dogs either.

    FYI, if you're going to "cook" meats, you are essentially stripping it of the nutritional benefits it has for your dogs. And it's more work, when not necessary.

    Source(s): Owner of 3 working, raw fed, Border Collies
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    Salmonella by itself is not the problem. Its the time in which is sits in your digestive tract allowing for the bacteria to bloom and grow that makes it the problem. Hence why short of a dog who is already sick to begin with you are more likely to hear about a dog contracting e.coli or salmonella from kibble and treats. Dogs have a lower pH to their digestive tracts AND digest raw at a much faster rate. The less time bacteria actually has to overload one's system the less likely you are to be sick, Which is why good handling skills go along way as well as being choosy about where you buy your food.

    Cookie: And again Delta Society's decision was based on the fact one of their board members works for Purina. Dogs shed those SAME BACTERIA whether fed raw or kibble. Not once has there ever been a report of ANYONE getting sick from a raw fed dog that was also a therapy dog. And besides if their concerns were truly founded don't you think every other therapy dog group would have followed their lead?

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    Here's an extract from something I have if this helps. I feed raw all the time, however I do freeze it before eating with a lof of the food but mostly through convenience of buying a weeks worth or so at a time.

    Concern about bacteria – especially Salmonella spp., E.coli and Campylobacter jejuni – keeps a lot of people from raw feeding their dogs. However, these organisms exist on the meat we prepare for our families, these and other pathogenic bacteria are present in commercial kibbles, on fruits and vegetables,

    Because bacteria multiply rapidly between 40 °F and 140 °F, freezing and refrigerating raw meat helps to reduce the bacterial content of the food. It is said that it doesnt kill prion or protozoan parasites though. The rapid transit of the food through the dog’s digestive system, and highly acid stomach secretions protect dogs from these illnesses.

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    Right, dogs do NOT get salmonella. It has been tested and prooven, plus a dog must have to eat a LOT of raw something for it to MAYBE get salmonella.

    Honey, i'm sure this diet wouldn't be so HQ and popular if it wasn't healthy.

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    Dogs have a stomach pH that is much lower than ours (which makes it more acidic if you are not familiar with the pH scale).

    This is why they can eat raw meat that we purchase, along with various other dead things they find etc.

    Basically the acidity is so high that the majority of pathogens that make their way down there get obliterated nearly instantly.

    A healthy dog has the acidity, and the immunity enough that s/he should not get salmonella poisoning.

    However, elderly, sick, and weak dogs have a possibility of contracting it.

  • Kiara
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    9 years ago

    Healthy dogs are very unlikely to contract salmonella, as they have different stomach acids and digestive systems to humans. Firstly, their stomach acid is designed to break down these bacteria, and secondly, their digestive tract is much shorter than humans, therefore any salmonella they do contract is eliminated in their faeces quite quickly. That said, if your dog is unhealthy, their stomach acids may be "out" therefore they cannot break down bacteria as they typically would - please consult with your vet. Secondly, it is not advised that you feed raw if you have people in the household with compromised immune systems, unless you practice strict hygeinic measures. Another point I need to make is that even dogs fed kibble have been noted to have salmonella in their faeces, so this is not just limited to dogs fed raw. Finally, if you wish to feed bones to your dog, it is imperitive that you feed them raw, as cooked bones are softer, therefore they are more likely to snap and cause damage (possibly fatal) to your pet. Raw bones are stronger, but always feed with caution (or supervision) and ensure they are a suitable size for your pet.

  • JenVT
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    9 years ago

    that is correct. dog's don't get salmonella the way humans do. think about wolves or coyotes that eat meat that has been dead for days- the canine body (as well as all other large predators) is made to consume things that humans could not.

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    It depends upon who you listen to. Some canine nutritionists will say yes and some say they are immune to it, however right now we are seeing many dogs reacting to chicken as a food allergy, not a possible salmonella poisoning, so I've been recommending to find a food with a different protein ingredient

    As to Salmonella, until we get a consensus, I will not feed raw chicken.

    There is an article in Dog World magazine last month about the Delta Therapy group disallowing membership to dogs on raw diets because of the problem of some of them shedding bacteria and the fear of transferring that to immune compromised patients in homes and hospitals. I would not chance it, there are safer ways to feed your dogs.

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