Will my bank bounce my ACH payment?

Say I have a bill due for $100 tomorrow and I deposited that same amount yesterday. Tonight, I checked my bank balance and the "balance amount" is $100 but the "available amount" is only $80. Considering I have no outstanding/pending checks 'out there', etc., will I get slap with a non sufficient fund morning when other bank decides to withdraw my money for payment via ACH or will I be okay because I would have enough fund to cover the payment?

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  • 9 years ago
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    You need to base it off of your available balance because something has claimed that 20 dollars in your account so you will not have the funds in there to cover the ACH payment. Contact your institution and ask them what the 20 dollar hold is on your account and see about depositing the 20 dollars in there ASAP to cover the ACH transaction.

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  • The bank goes by what is "available" when your ACH hits. So if an ACH comes through for $100 and you have $80 available, the bank won't bounce your payment, but they'll charge you to pay it against unavailable funds.

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