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Shutter Island Question??

So was he really crazy? Or where they actually doing experiments on him in the light house???


I mean the ending was pretty open..the last shot was of the lighthouse.Which would make the viewer second think the actual ending.

Update 2:

I mean the ending was pretty open..the last shot was of the lighthouse.Which would make the viewer second think the actual ending.

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    In 1954, widower U.S. Marshal Edward "Teddy" Daniels and his new partner Chuck Aule go to Shutter Island on a ferry boat to the home of Ashecliffe Hospital for the criminally insane, to investigate the disappearance of a patient, Rachel Solando, who has escaped the hospital and apparently the desolate island, despite having been kept in a locked cell under constant supervision.

    Visiting Rachel's room, Teddy and Chuck discover a code that Teddy believes points to a 67th patient, when there are allegedly only 66. Teddy also reveals to Chuck that he is there to avenge the death of his wife Dolores, who was murdered two years prior by one of the inmates, Andrew Laeddis. The novel is interspersed with graphic descriptions of World War II and Dachau which Teddy helped to liberate. After a hurricane hits the island, Teddy and Chuck investigate Ward C, where Teddy believes government experiments with psychotropic drugs are being conducted. One inmate tells Teddy that Chuck is not to be trusted.

    As Teddy and Chuck return to the main hospital area, they are separated. Teddy discovers an ex-psychiatrist, who says she is the real Rachel Solando, hiding in sea caves. She explains that he has no friends on the island and is himself a prisoner. She warns him to be careful that food, medication, even cigarettes he has taken have been laced with psychotropic drugs. Upon returning to the hospital, Teddy cannot find Chuck and is told he had no partner. He escapes and makes his way to the lighthouse to rescue Chuck where he believes the experiments take place. He reaches the top of the lighthouse and finds only hospital administrator Dr. Cawley seated at a desk. Cawley tells Teddy that he is Andrew Laeddis (an anagram of Edward Daniels) and that he murdered his wife two years ago after she murdered their three children. The man he thinks is Chuck is his psychiatrist, Dr Sheehan.

    Andrew/Teddy refuses to believe this and takes extreme measures to disprove it, grabbing what he thinks is his gun and trying to shoot Chuck/Sheehan and Dr. Cawley. He is told that Dr. Cawley and "Chuck" have devised this treatment to allow him to live out his elaborate fantasy, in order to confront the truth, or else undergo a radical lobotomy treatment. Teddy/Andrew finally realizes that he killed his wife and his service as a US Marshal was a long time ago. This breakthrough seems promising for his recovery.

    The next morning Andrew/Teddy wakes up, leaves the dorm and sits outside on the hospital steps. Chuck/Dr. Sheehan sits next to him. Andrew/Teddy says to Chuck/Sheehan, "I don't know, Chuck. You think they're onto us?" Chuck/Sheehan replies: "Nah. We're too smart for that." Chuck/Dr. Sheehan signals to Dr. Cawley and the guards that the treatment was unsuccessful.

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    he was delusional at first but at the end the the thought of knowing what really happen to his family was to much to he acted insane to have the procedure done..meaning at the final moment he chose to be lobotomized over realty.. it a very powerful movie but an even greater book..

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    No he was never crazy. They tried to make him believe he was crazy, but he wasn't and you know this because at the end of the movie the guy that was supposed to be his friend called him by his real name :)

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    He was really crazy. The entire movie was based on an experiment to try and cure him... but it did not work unfortunately.

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