The ATF decided to reinterpret something. Put a pistol grip on a shotgun, any shotgun, you now have a DD.?

Some may (most never heard of) when the ATF changed there mind and decided that 14.5" AR barrels with the flash hider permanently pinned and welded were now SBR's making possibly millions of AR owners instant felons as they then had unregistered SBR's. When people got upset they changed it back to what it was before.

Now they have reinterpreted another thing. If you have a pistol grip on a shotgun instead of a normal stock now the law says you have an illegal unregistered "destructive device". 18" barrel and 26" overall length be dammed.


Do the ATF's newsletter carry law.

You know that the ATF doesn't give two shits about the law. We all know there track record when it comes to things like this. They just LOVE ruining people's lives and anyone who thinks otherwise isn't politically active in the least.

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    Further clarification is needed before anything that was written by the ATF can be seen as anything more than a muddled mess.

    Does the ATF's newsletter carry the weight of law, or is it just commentary? Hmm...

    I'd like to comment that the NFA blatantly violates the 2nd Amendment with the "particularly suitable for sporting purposes" clause. The 2nd Amendment says nothing about "sporting purposes," nor is it implied.

    NFA '34 should be repealed as it violates the 2nd Amendment and the Supreme Court rulings of the past couple years.

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    Uh, I don't think this is implemented, but is likely internal discussion. Otherwise, one would THINK the BATF would do something about all the Mossbergs being sold as such, some complete with the ridiculous muzzle brakes.

    The absurdity will continue as long as civil servants are required to produce output, instead of doing their actual jobs. Something like figuring out the arms smuggling in the abiding folks are easier targets.

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    Amazing! I mean just when you thought you heard it all the ATF comes up with a new one.

    They also changed their minds on those confiscated airsoft rifles saying their in fact firearms...although they swapped uppers with real M16/AR15 uppers and installed real AR15/M16 FCG in the receivers.

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    It can get worse.

    In Australia, putting a pistol grip on a bolt action rifle (one that was not originally constructed with one) automatically turns it into an illegal assault rifle.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The ATF is extremely annoying and useless as they regulate all the fun things in life.

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    Typical government. Look at how the 2A has been 'interpreted'....

    fortunately, nothing is likely to come of this, even though Eric Holder is a steaming pile of poop.

  • Thanks for the heads-up.

    EDIT: My information may be incomplete, but I thought that there was a clause in the Constitution prohibiting ex post facto laws.

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