Help please !examples of the word shanghai?

i know it means like to kidnap and all but are there any like movies of this ?

like i need more def of the word like examples

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    Origin: after Shanghai

    transitive verb shanghaied -·haied′, shanghaiing -·hai′·ing

    1.Origin: orig. said of sailors thus kidnapped for crew duty on the China run

    to kidnap, usually by drugging, for service aboard ship

    2.Slang to induce (another) to do something through force or deceit

    Related Forms:

    •shanghaier shang′·hai′er noun

    Shang·hai (s̸haŋ′hī′, s̸häŋ′-)

    seaport in Jiangsu province, E China, near the mouth of the Chang: pop. 12,910,000

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    shang·hai (shăng-hīˈ, shăngˈhīˌ)

    transitive verb shanghaied shang·haied, shanghaiing shang·hai·ing, shang·hais

    1.To kidnap (a man) for compulsory service aboard a ship, especially after drugging him.

    2.To induce or compel (someone) to do something, especially by fraud or force: We were shanghaied into buying worthless securities.

    Origin: After Shanghai1, from the former custom of kidnapping sailors to man ships going to China.

    Related Forms:

    •shanghaier shang·haiˈer noun

    Shang·hai 1 (shăng-hīˈ, shängˈ-)

    A city of eastern China at the mouth of the Chang Jiang (Yangtze River) southeast of Nanjing. The largest city in the country, Shanghai was opened to foreign trade by the Treaty of Nanking (1842) and quickly prospered. France, Great Britain, and the United States all held large concessions in the city until the early 20th century. Shanghai is located in Jiangsu province but is administered as a separate governmental unit. Population: 9,830,000.

    Shang·hai 2 (shăng-hīˈ)

    Source(s): shanghai - Definition of shanghai at Origin: After Shanghai 1, from the former custom of kidnapping sailors to man ... sentence examples; Shanghai Culture - Cached
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    shanghai a seaport in China

    men would be kidnapped to work on ships

    when the ship was far enough out that you couldn't see land the men were told work as a sailor or swim

    hope that helps

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