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United Mileage Plus (R) Question. United Airlines?

So i traveled on united last year and i found out i had 1,5k Miles i want to redeem them so is there anything within 1,5k Miles i dont care what, flowers, pens anything!

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    Go to to find out what you can redeem 1,5k miles for. If you accrued them last year then you are likely close to or past the 18 month threshhold to keep them active, if you've not had any activity in your mileage plus account in 18 months then you lose the miles. You can keep them active by of course flying United or any activity in your account, accruing through partners, hotels, cars, online shopping, etc or if you have a Chase United credit card that keeps the miles active too by just using the credit card. Again see for details.

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    Great idea.

    If you don't use them within 18 months they expire.

    Use the like below to get a free subscription.

    Source(s): Airline Frequent Flyer PowerMiles Tips and Insights United Airlines Redeem Miles for Papers
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    how long does it take to receive card

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