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What does one do with a degree in environmental engineering?

I plan on going to college to earn the above degree, but I don't really know what types of jobs I could get with it. (I would prefer personal experience stories rather than just website referrals.)

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  • Homer
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    1 decade ago
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    Oh my, there is so much!

    I can't speak from personal experience, as I don't have a degree in enviro engineering, but know and work with many who do have that kind of degree.

    1. You could work for a state or federal environmental regulatory agency as a:

    -- permit writer negotiating with facilities to prepare wastewater permits, hazardous waste permits, etc.

    -- regulatory inspector where you represent the regulatory agency in "auditing" a facilities compliance with their environmental permit. Having engineering knowledge is a BIG PLUS in understanding the processes to help you recognize when a facility is trying to "snow" you - and some do try to do that.

    2. you could work for am industry in a company's environemtal department in charge of helping ensure compliance with the environmental laws. This is really important, as failure to comply can bring significant penalties -$$$. Often, some companies have one person who oversees the environmental compliance for an entire facility - and that person needs to be knowledgable of a number of environmental laws and how they apply at the facility level (e.g., wastewater treatment processes, hazardous waste storage requirements, air emission requirements, sampling and analysis requirements and procedures, etc.)

    3. You oculd work for a local municipal government, in their wastewater treatment plant, or solid waste management organization.

    4. You could work for a company that designs and builds wastewater treatment plants - those companies need folks with knowledge of how to properly design a properly sized plant to handle a given volume of wastewater, as well as being able to work with the civil engineers to see that a facility is properly sited - design for static loads, etc. - as well as understanding the mass balances involved and treatment recipes involved.

  • 1 decade ago

    Personally, I work for the government, in a regulatory agency.

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