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full body scanners at airports?

who else thinks this is a bit overboard? i know theres gonna be people telling me that its "for your own good" and "its only to keep you safe", but do they really need to go so far as to be looking at pictures of naked people? i know its one person looking at the picture, and they arent using it as pornography, but its extremely uncomfortable and a huge invasion of privacy. i believe that it goes against the 4th amendment.

i think that airport security has gone way overboard since 9/11. i also think that buying these full body scanners is a waste of money. why dont they find a less invading way to check for weapons?

it also makes the whole traveling experience uncomfortable. they treat us all like criminals just because some people have been dumb in the past, and its ridiculous.

by the way, the point of this is for a report at school, its like a survey and the question is

do you think the new airport security is an invasion of privacy?

and your answers...



--in some ways (maybe, dont know much about it)

thanks, i just wanted to share my opinion :)

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    Completely overboard. You are treated as a criminal, and searched without reasonable cause. Want the 3rd degree treatment? Just refuse the scanner and watch what happens... someone will yell "WE HAVE AN OPT-OUT..." and the TSA goon squad will go to work, you will be given the "expanded" pat down (sexual assault) and be made an example of.

    Good Luck!

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    Sadly, if we want to fly these days we do have to put up with all these security measures.

    I think it is regrettable that governments all round the world are being sucked into applying more restrictive controls than are either effective or necessary. Most appear to be after the event knee jerk reactions to attempts to carry contraband or explosives or other dangerous weapons onto aircraft.

    Many of the current screening procedures occur despite them being useless against modern weapons. The only truly effective process are full body scanners, which many people regard as intrusive, or better profiling and selective screening which the civil rights groups appear to dislike on the grounds that bombers are worthy of the same consideration as you or me.

    The scanners are a breakthrough. The image is seen by an operator who cannot see you in person. The image is like a silhouette not a porno picture. The process is much quicker than the pat down or body search. You can leave all your clothes on including belt, coat and shoes.

    What is stupid is that the media and a misguided few are blowing a lot of hot air about the one thing which could be effective in the fight against bombers and hijackers. Also that governments have not scrapped the old methods of screening and moved over to the new sensible ones entirely.

    Source(s): Ten to twelve long and short haul flights a year
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    I don't like it because (in the near future) I have to take a plane trip with my 3 children (no other travel options) who will be subjected to a "small amount" of radiation (what's small for a adult male may not be small for a two year old) AND a stranger will see them naked. OR, (the other option) the stranger could pat them down, causing a potentially traumatic experience. I feel like my only option is to go through the scanner and pray that it doesn't contribute to some cancer or sickness; and then pray that the person operating the scanner actually deletes the images of my children (like they're supposed to). This is far more invasive than it should be. According to a video I saw, they don't blur faces or genitals (as some people have claimed).

    Source(s): (links to the videos) story about unions telling pilots not to be scanned, due to radiation
  • "do you think the new airport security is an invasion of privacy?"

    Yes and a complete waste of time and money.

    Speaking of money, do you know that the person MOST responsible for the implementation of those scanners at US airports (Fmr. Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff) now owns a consulting company that works for the manufacturer of those scanners and makes millions?


    It's all about the money.

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  • 9 years ago

    Overboard for sure!

    My privacy is completely invaded by full body scanners!

  • Keagan
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    9 years ago

    No. I do not believe these scanners are an invasion of privacy. People are not being forced to fly, so technically they aren't being forced to go through these scanners. First of all, the scanner cannot see who is going through the scanner in real life--all they see is the picture on the screen, which makes the persons' image into basically an animated version, with genitals blocked.

    This is essentially the picture being shown to the scanner:

    So, no. I do not believe it is an invasion of privacy and I would subject myself to one of these scans if necessary.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Full body scanners are the only security device that can detect 99% of threats that a person may carry. I'm not sure what the big deal is. The old saying "if you got nothing to hide, then you shouldn't be concerned" seems to justify the situation.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I think they are stupid. totally invasion of privacy, btw i thought ohare in chicago had them, but i traveled a few months back , didnt go through one

  • 9 years ago

    Full body scanners make me feel safer. Terrorists are scary.

  • Doug
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    9 years ago

    People, get a life!!

    A White (non-Arab) guy put explosives in his shoes. Now we have to put our shoes through the x-ray machine.

    Then a Black (non-Arab) guy put explosives in his underwear. So now we have to go through scanners.

    Maybe the alternative for all the complainers out there would be to take your underwear off and put them through the x-ray. Would that make you happy?

    I want to arrive at my destination safely, so I will put up with a little intrusiveness and indignity if it will help me arrive alive.

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