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Is this legal yes or no?

I am trying to buy a house but there is a issue with the water. I guess a neighbor has in the past supplied water from his well to the house I'm trying to get. He now says he doesn't want to supply water any more. I am almost positive that he cannot legally say he just doesn't want to do it any more. The title company says they have no record of a well agreement but the house was sold through an FHA loan before and they wouldn't loan on a house unless they had a well agreement. So I'm trying to figure out if there is someone I can call or if there is anything we can do to get water to the house. Sorry if this is confusing but any advice is greatly appreciated.

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  • 10 years ago
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    It may never of come up! If their is no agreement, you may just be S.O.L.. Walk away or make sure you have a good well before you close.


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  • 10 years ago

    I wouldn't buy a house without its own access to public water or its own well. Maybe that is just me, but I would keep looking.

    Yes, since the FHA loaned on it before, you would think that a recorded agreement existed that covered the availability of water for this property, but unless that can be found, it will always be an issue.

    Think about when you want or need to sell and the neighbor, that apparently is not so neighborly, still pulls the same crap. It will potentially scare off any future prospects for selling the property to, just as it should you.

    Let that be someone else's problem and go find something that you can afford without such a problem hanging around.

    You can talk all you want about whether it is or is not illegal for him to stop allowing access across his property. But eventually threatening or actually taking him to court puts him in the category of neighbor that I would choose to lose rather than gain.

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