What is the difference between goth and emo?

I'm only asking this because people say that I am emo and others say I'm goth but I don't like being called goth because I don't worship the devil. Here are my definitions of goth and emo, btw this is the more of stereotype so don't yell at me:

emo- usually always depressed, hates the world even themselves, and wears all dark colors, mainly black

goth- wears dark colors and worships the devil in some way

That's pretty much the stereotypical definitions but I would like to know what each means because people tell me emos always wear bright colors and I make a fight because I know that's not true and I'm pretty sure I know the difference but I want to make sure. Please answer if you know the difference and no mean answers because I want nothing to do with those kind of answers. Thank you!


And isn't emo more of people thinking about death and stuff? And goth just kind of dark and mysterious?

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    Lmao @ all the dumbass answers


    To put it very simply:

    Goth = a fan of Goth Rock and/or Death Rock. Its a music subculture which is originally started about the late 70's. Devil worshipping have nothing to do with it lol In fact many people who identify with this subculture comes from many religious backgrounds such as Christian, Catholic, Agnostic, Atheist, Pagan or Wicca. The fashion isn't exactly necessary since there are people who listen to the music but dress normally. Listens to bands such as:


    The Cure

    Joy Division

    Siouxsie and the Banshees

    Alien Sex Fiend

    Gothic fashion = The media has portrayed a very false image which involves tripp pants, chains, heavy eyeliner, pale face, Hot Topic etc In fact you will find that real "goths" not the posers fashion tastes are inspired by the 17th-19th century or from the 80's image that the Goth Rock bands portrayed. The fashion is actually classy, artistic & elaborate which for some people consists of lace, velvet, leather or PVC, shredded fishnets etc. There are many different styles, some go for the victorian look, some go for medieval look or some go for the cyber look.

    Emo = a dead music genre. It doesn't mean emotional either. It originally meant a music genre in the mid 80's Emotive Hardcore(shortened to emotional hardcore, emocore, emo) which died in the early 90's. It was got revived in the 2000's as a fashion trend. That's all it is really. Stereotypically listens to:

    My Chemical Romance

    Fall Out Boy

    Panic! at the Disco


    or any pop-punk, pop-rock, alternative rock, post-hardcore band with the "emo" image

    Emo fashion is very basic & often consists of skinny jeans, band tees, studded belts and/or bracelets, fringe(bangs) over one eye, teased hair, armwarmers, fingerless gloves etc

    So to summarize all this for you:

    Goth = a person who is a fan of the genre Goth Rock and/or Death Rock just like a metalhead is a fan of the genre metal. Fashion isn't a necessity of being part of the subculture. They are not "devil worshippers", "evil" or "depressed" all that nonsense was made up by the media & thus became the stereotypes ignorant people believe. It is not a "phase" as some people believe. In fact some teenagers who are deemed as "goth" in high school still are when they are adults. Its only the teenagers who only did it to "fit in" that say it was a "phase"

    Emo = a fashion trend. This however is a "phase" teenagers go through who are trying to find their self identity. Many people who are deemed as "emo" at high school stop dressing this way by the age of 18-20 because they have finally found who they are as a person after years of soul searching. Depression, cutting etc have nothing to do with it but are the stereotypes the media has brainwashed people to believe is true.

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    Wow, such stupid answers and stereotypes never cease to amaze me. First and foremost. Goths do NOT worship the devil, that is just stupid bigotry. There are many religious views within the Gothic community, there are Christian Goths, Wiccan Goths, Buddhist Goths, Agnostic Goths, etc. Goth is NOT a religion it is a richly diverse community.

    Next, Emo and Goth are no where near to being the same thing. Emo tends to be comprised of one of two groups, the whiney brats who think the world is ending because they have to take out the trash- they need to grow up and get over themselves. Then you have the entire culture of self harm and these people seriously need to find counseling and get some help.

    Suicide and self harm is NOT a part of the Goth culture. Again, I repeat (because some people can not seem to get this) being suicidal and hurting yourself (or others) has nothing to do with being a Goth. The Gothic culture, is just that, a very rich culture revolving around music, art, architecture, literature, and creative expression. The architecture and fashions of the Gothic, Romantic, and Victorian periods tend to be a big part of the aesthetics, of course this will vary some depending on whether you are talking about a Romantic Goth, a Cyber Goth, Industrial Goth, or Steampunk Goth.

    From an philosophical standpoint, is about embracing the reality of life as it truly is and finding beauty in the places, things, and people that the mundane world have rejected and thrown away. Death, for example, is recognized as a natural part of life and when you learn to accept, even embrace that, it puts mortality into the proper context in which one can see the true value of life and live it to the fullest instead of ignoring the fact that life is very short and putting all of your energy into fighting that as the mundanes do.

    Goths are not depressed, we are however, very passionate and empathetic and the injustices in the world, the fact that suffering does exist and we can stop this is where the "gloomy" side comes from. We are not depressed "woe me my life sucks" the way the emos are, it is more that we feel for the pain and suffering of the world, of others around us and we know that if you do not acknowledge that, then we will never be able to change it.

    As I have already mentioned, there is a lot of diversity in the Gothic community and of course we have our healthy helping of Vampires! Because let's face it, vampires are just cool ;) But Goths also value education, intelligence, creativeness, and artistic talent. To a Goth being smart is cool, even expected, where as among mundanes the smart ones tend to be made fun and are out cast as "nerds" or "sell outs".

    Being Goth is not just the music and clothes that you wear, those things are merely an expression of what Goth really identity. There are Goths of all ages, and sure some teens may seem to go through a "goth phase" but that is part of growing and discovering yourself, you never know what really fits until you try it on after all, so you should not be rude and bash these people, for some they will find that this is really their identity and will stick with it for the rest of their lives. For others, it will be a growing experience and they may find that it is really not their thing; however, most of the people who actually get into Goth with an understanding of what it truly is, will take it with them forever.

    And no, Goth is not dead, it was not fad or just a fashion trend it is a COMMUNITY and it is very much alive and well.

    Source(s): Being an Elder Goth Also check out these resources to educate yourself more and end the bigoted stereotypes. And what this video: Great Book: What is Goth?
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    Mmm ok well to me someone who dresses goth wear more darker things like the makeup lipstick nails the hair and the cloths would be things like trench coats just wearing all black lots of the goth kids in my high school dress that way so thats how I assume goth dress the emo style to me is like crazy colors and a certain type of hair cut skinny jeans converse or vans any kind of shirts girls wear the dark crazy makeup the guys just have the hair and cloths its pretty easy to tell the difference well for me it is :p I hope I kinda answered that lol

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    hahahahaha goth's do NOTTT worship the devil. emo's,they r depressed alot and listen to sad music and cut them selfs. But gothhh is a way of life. Its came from a long time ago and they (we) just find beauty in dark stuff like death.And we listen to gothic music. Its more about the music and way of thinking than the clothes. We usually wear black but you dont have to. My favorite color is pink (strange) and i add some pink to my black ware drove at times.

    Ok emos are just people who are very emotional and they get hurt easily and cry a lot and stuff.

    Btw this is a catholic goth talking.

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    I think †Neko_Alchemy† pretty much covered it... No use in repeating what's already been said.

    Also, Vampirewriter... if you are truely an elder Goth, then I respect you for that... but saying that all Goths are open-minded, "feel the pain of the world", and read dark poetry is just a generalization. Goth is about the music and, to an extent, the fashion it inspired. The rest depends on the individual.

    Source(s): I'm a Goth.
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    Woah, honey, you got these all wrong. Stereotypes kill - they really do.

    You can say that it's almost human nature for everyone to go on being morbid, or go into a phase, if you will, of being interested in the more dark and grim things of life. Such thoughts sneak up on everyone: some show it, while others don't and go on with their lives. That all it is.

    Anyway, people are going to label you whether you like it or not, and they'll label whatever the hell comes to mind. However, it's best you do back yourself up on these and not go for any special sort-of clique or label, but instead, find whatever suits you and be yourself - don't limit yourself just because you're expected to do so.

    I can't say I know exactly what Emo is - but I believe it started off as a genre of alternate rock music, or something of that sort.

    Now, most people who call themselves Emo tend to be into the piercings, skinny jeans and converse, dark colors, sometimes with brighter ones, and I noticed that a lot have their own hairstyle (i.e. the bang that hangs over an eye). Now I'm not going to try and stereotype them, but I do believe they have their own preoccupation with death - who doesn't? However, it's common belief that they hate themselves, everyone hates them . . . Dear, everyone goes through thinking this, especially during the stages of growing up. It's also thought that they cut themselves, and are into the whole "love and pain" sort-of thing. Now, I don't really know a lot about these people, but I believe that they are a stereotype. Just don't cut yourself - you'd regret it later.

    Now Goth... ah, Goth. To this day, I'm still labeled as such, for going out in public in my black lipstick and lace while singing yet another Cure song. From what I experienced and learned, Goth is in a whole other realm - it's not only a label for people, but also for types of clothing, artwork, architecture: they have their own whole subculture, of which people of all sorts of different types are interested in, whether they wear black or not. It made a scene in, what was it, the late 70's and early 80's? And it started off with bands such as Bauhaus and The Cure, and so much more as well, and fans began to dress up as such characters. I also recall hearing that Goth kind of came from Punk, so there are quite some similarities. Nowadays, Goths are stereotyped for being obsessed with death who only come out at night to drink your blood and eat your soul, and worship the devil from time to time. These are all so terribly wrong - most people who I have known of who do label themselves as such were just the sweetest darlings. It all just depends one what one's preferences may be. Some things things that they may consider as being normal are things that others really don't, but they're quite interesting, yes?

    But sweetie, just don't go on and try to label/stereotype yourself. Be yourself - don't follow another crowd or clique, or hope to be like anyone else. It's most important you stay true, and from what I hear, you're still a teenager and trying to find yourself. Do what pleases you most, and in the end, you'll be most happy.

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    Ah, I HATE labels, but I have to address the age old question.

    Now, most people will say "Emos cut themselves" "Goths are always depressed" wrong my friend, wrongo. These people havent done their research. Most people who are prejudice are Simply undereducated. Dont listen to the haters, and those who havent actually done a bit a research. For goodness sakes I have some knowledge, so please let me educate you so you dont seem so ignorant.


    Gothic style: Rich clothing. Velvets, tulle, deep dark colors, lots of black. Alot of texture. Goths started the fishnet treand. Baggy, chain covered pants. Big boots. Leather too. Black hair, black eye makeup, sometimes dark tones of lipstick.……

    Gothic Outlook: Really pretty accepting of anyone, believe it or not. Influenced by their music and literature. May be very "pride-y", and thoroughly defend their culture at any given time, which, I thnk they should. The gothic scene was started in the 80s. Goths see the beauty in dark things. The darker forms of literature and art. Things that common folk may consider "creepy". They ARE NOT always depressed! That's just a common silly stereotype. Goths are deep, and usually just dont fit in with the mainstream people who never stop flapping their lips. Goths tend to lean toward metal and heavier music, as well as some semi-symphonic metal bands. They read gothic poetry.


    Emo Style: A kind of mainstream edgy, dark way of dressing. Black clothing and some bright colors too. Skinny Jeans. Often have hair short, pulled across one eye.……

    Emo Outlook/History: The Emo scene was formed as a sort of "edgey goth" look. Since then there has come the "Scene" look which is basically a preppy emo look. (bleach blonde, animal print, cartoon charactors, died hair, hair that's hairsparyed all over. The term "emo" comes from the word emotional. It was orgainlly to set the emos apart with making their own music, and listening to emo music. Again, I am going to stress that NOT ALL EMOS CUT THEMSELVES I dont know how this got pinned on them. However, now, up-and-coming emos seem to think that they are supposed to self harm in some way shape or form. I gotta say: Wake up America, subculture or not, anyone can cut themselves, their scene doesnt make a differenct. Emos do tend to dwell a bit more, and more so have developed into a select group of people with mental issues, but it was never supposed to be that way.

    There you go.

    Note: People often say these are immature phases of a teenager. Wrong again. Emo, I have to say Ive never seen an adult emo, so for emo that may be true. However, there are plenty of adult goths if you know where to look. They may need to "dress down" for their desk job, but theyre still goth at home, on the weekends, and inside.


    I know my subcultures.

    Source(s): i know my subcultures
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    Im more of a metalhead and a bit goth but eather way emo is gay and dead and goth are sometimes devil worshipers (not all but lots) also lots them pegan or wiccans BUT DONT FORGET NOT ALL and yea goths also came from an old german tribe or something other people said it already lol

    Source(s): Me and experience....
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    Both wear all black and or dark colors (for the record, black is not a color).

    Emo means you take pleasure in cutting yourself. It's also a kind of music.

    Urbanly speaking, goths hate life. Strictly speaking, goth is a 16th century form of protestantism taking joy in death because it leads you to heaven. It's also a kind of music.

    Many people (including myself) are not emo or goth, but only wear black because it gives some people a feeling of serenity and comfort.

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    Goths don't worship the devil, dingbat. lol. If anything, they worship David Bowie.

    Emo = EMOtional. They are emotional and listen to emo music. They like stripes and dark colors and big black framed glasses, and probably Weezer.

    Goth = almost non-existant in the 2010 age. Goth is a thing of the past. They listen to industrial and gothic music such as The Cure or Bowie. They like to wear black, yes. The "devil" has nothing to do with it. Kids these days really can't be goth because goth music went out of style such a long time ago. There is no more real goth music, but there is industrial.

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