What the heck is the meaning of the Confederate flag?!?

All I get are facts about the Civil War and slavery.

A teacher was suspended for telling a few students to remove their Confederate belt buckles on anti-gay bullying day. Why? What was the big deal? Help!!

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  • 10 years ago
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    The Confederate flag was the flag of a nation that rebelled against the US - because of that, many people think it's 'treasonous' (even though the Confederates considered themselves the true patriots and the war the 2nd American revolution, and they had some solid arguments on their side).

    It was also a flag of a nation that actively defended slavery - because of that, another group of people consider it offensive (even though most nations that have existed more than 100 years were at one time active defenders/practitioners of slavery).

    And it was a flag of a nation that lost its war of independance - because of that, another group of people latch onto it as a symbol of their heritage, ie, the noble struggle for independance their ancestors fought, which separates them from the yankee culture that they don't like very much (even though they lost and haven't done more than talk trash since).

    Those are the factors that actually have something to do with the war and the actual meaning of the flag. But, there are two more twists hidden in there.

    The Confederate battle flag was adopted as a standard of the KKK - because of that, many people consider it flat-out racist and equate it to the Nazi flag (even though the KKK always carried the American flag right next to the Confederate flag).

    And, when Hollywood started glorifying the good ol' boy culture and the rebel youth culture, it basically used the Confederate flag as a symbol of all rebellion against authority and the true spirit of independance - because of this a lot of people see the confederate flag as having nothing to do with race or the civil war, but as a symbol of freedom itself.

    So that's why the issue is so massively divisive. Pretty much every standpoint is at least a little bit understandable even though none of them have a very solid, objective basis.

    Undoubtedly in the situation you describe, the teacher saw the belt-buckles as anti-gay because of the KKK connection, and this in turn undoubtedly outraged many people who see the flag as a symbol of freedom or heritage, and reject the KKK's use of it, which resulted in the teacher being suspended.

    At the end of the day, it's a piece of cloth (or just a picture of a piece of cloth), and there is no person or group that can legitimately claim to know the only true meaning of the flag. If it ever offends you, remember how many people still see it as a truly positive symbol and take the time to find out who you're dealing with and how they see it before starting a fight over it.

    The simple fact is every symbol is subjective, and making enemies because you refuse to consider that something might mean something very different to someone else is just pointless. Life's too short.

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      The democrats have used the minority blacks for their own benefit and agenda,lbj even though he started the war on poverty looked at blacks as pawns to be bought by welfare to secure a voting base! They will never teach the truth in public schools in America as they want to keep the black race slave

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  • 4 years ago

    The Confederate flag that is commonly flown was not the flag of the Confederacy, if anyone looked at history they should know that. It's surprising that they regard the Confederate flag as offensive and not the American flag. The flag often referred to was nothing more than a war flag so armies could tell one another apart. It was never used in the "south" prior to that. Yes, it represents a part of American history, no different than the colony flag or any other historic flag. You can't forget that slavery in America started in the Northern Colonies. Or that Union states were allowed to have slaves. As a matter of fact, those Union states kept slaves until 1865, after the Civil War had ended. So, they freed slaves only to segregate them around a decade later. So, in truth, the American flag would be a symbol of oppression, not just a regional flag. But, there's so much propaganda and so few who see with logic and not raging emotion, it's a losing battle. Edit: @ The Intellectual- There has been no genocide in America and to compare the two says much about your lack of awareness. They weren't exterminated. Slavery was an oppressive institution, and no where did I say it wasn't, and one practiced not only by America, but also by Europe. It was initiated by the Spanish. If you actually think a regional flag symbolizes a practice maintained by an entire nation (and much of the civilized world), think again. If you don't like the flag, don't fly it. But, put the blame where it lies. The American flag would be the oppressive symbol. Equating it to an Al-Queda flag is equally laughable. Do you have any idea why the states left the union? Here's a hint, it's called "taxation." Those issues started in the 1820s. Why on earth would one country attack another over a practice that was allowed? As I said, Union states had slaves until after the Civil War ended. States' rights was the reason for the conflict. Yes, the flag does represent a war during America's history. A war that claimed the lives of millions of Americans.

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  • 4 years ago

    Confederate Flag Belt

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  • 6 years ago

    This commenter forgot to mention that the "kkk" was embraced by the democrat party! The "kkk" was further advanced and used exclusively by the democrat party! It was the republican party that fought against the democrat party for the emancipation legislation to pass! The confederate battle flag was designed to distinguish the difference from the flag of the northern aggressors,it was not meant to portray slavery! The democrat party has succeeded in turning the truth about their involvement in continuing their war against the minority blacks to the republicans!

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