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Who is a better Quarterback, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

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    Hardly fair to ask this, as they both still have a lot of playing time left.

    There are a few misconceptions here tho.

    ~"Manning doesn't get the Receivers Brady gets. Peyton makes anyone look good while Tom Brady's receivers make him look good."

    Lets take 2004. You mean to tell me that Deion Branch, Troy Brown, David Givens, Bethel Johnson, David Patten and P. K. Sam are better then Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Aaron Moorehead, Brad Pyatt, Brandon Stokley and Troy Walters?

    I seriously question any claim you know anything about football at all. Your name proves me correct.

    ~"Peyton destroys him in every category but rings"

    In fact, at this point in his career, Brady has posted a better passer rating than Manning did at the same point in his career.

    Manning: 1,739 for 2817 (61.7%), 20,618 yards, 138 TDs, 100 INTs; 85.6

    Brady: 1,243 for 2018 (61.6%), 13,925 yards, 97 TDs, 52 INTs, 87.5

    Manning throws more, but has the same completion %, more INTs to TD and a lower rating.

    ~"Besides that, look at the quality of the team surrounding Manning and Brady. Brady has always had a better team surrounding him."

    Still looking at 2004, when the Pats won their 3rd SB:

    Manning, himself a No. 1 draft pick, was surrounded by top-pick talent in 2004 at

    * wide receiver (Wayne, Harrison)

    * tight end (Dallas Clark)

    * running back (Edgerrin James) and

    * offensive tackle (Tarik Glenn).

    That’s six of 11 offensive starters who are No. 1 draft picks. At least one, Harrison, is a lock for the Hall of Fame. James is a potential Hall of Famer. Manning had the luxury his first year in the league of handing the ball to future Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk, one of the most prolific offensive players in NFL history. Manning has also enjoyed the luxury of offensive Pro Bowlers ever year that he’s been in the league: Faulk (1998); James (1999, 2000, 2004); and Harrison (1999-2004).

    In other words, the Colts have purposely built a team that gives its quarterback a chance to pad the stat book.

    Brady has built his prolific career with a much different set of tools. Consider that he’s New England’s only offensive player to be named to the Pro Bowl since 2001 (New England running back Corey Dillon appeared in the 2004 Pro Bowl, but only as an injury replacement). Brady’s top receiver from 2001-2004 was Troy Brown, an NFL journeyman who was drafted in the 8th round (198th pick) out of Marshall. Meanwhile, consider the pedigree of the players on the receiving end of Brady’s six Super Bowl touchdown passes:

    * Deion Branch (a second-round draft pick from Louisville)

    * David Givens (a seventh-round pick from Notre Dame)

    * David Patten (an undrafted free agent from Western Carolina) and

    * Mike Vrabel (a journeyman NFL linebacker).

    New England’s offensive line in 2004 featured a second-round draft pick (Matt Light), two fifth rounders (Dan Koppen and Russ Hochstein), a seventh-round pick (Brandon Gorin) and three undrafted free agents (Stephen Neal, Joe Andruzzi and Tom Ashworth)

    Please point out how Brady has had more talent around him. Please.

    I can continue if anyone else wants to spout uninformed, bias opinions about the two.

  • Sue
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    Peyton Manning! He can take very average receivers and make them look like super stars. Besides that, look at the quality of the team surrounding Manning and Brady. Brady has always had a better team surrounding him. Manning hasn't, but yet he has had pretty great success. A lot of the reason is that Peyton Manning has put his team on his back and has had to carry them to many of those victories. Yesterday was an odd occurrence, the D stepped up and won the game despite Manning not throwing a TD.

    Peyton Manning > Tom Brady

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    @ Brett Favre (The Greatest Ever)

    Really? Bradys receivers make him look better? Look at Randy Moss in New England, now look at him in Minnesota, then Tennessee. Big difference. Also, Wes Welker was nothing in Miami. Put Tom Brady in a Colt uniform and they would keep on winning. At the same time, Peyton would make the Patriots a good team too. This is a question that won't ever be answered. But Brady makes his receivers better, not the other way around.

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    i'm a rams fan so i hate brady, but biases aside brady is one heck of a good QB he has an amazing arm and can get the ball to his receivers he also has 3 rings, however his surrounding cast has always been good with the likes of randy moss, wes welker, donte stallworth and deon branch he is surrounded by talent and very talented himself, don't forget the o-line he has that also very high up there

    peyton manning i would say has been much more consistent, despite only 1 ring he plays constantly at a high level and continues to produce massive yardage and TDs every year, i would have to say he is the better QB as he can make the receivers around him good, such as the likes or pierre garcon and austin collie, both not low drafted players, but ended making a huge impact last season and continue to play at a high level, peyton like brady also has a good o-line and encircled by talent more than the brady is with the likes of dallas clark and a decent running back

    all in all i would choose peyton to be the better QB RIGHT NOW, as he is more consistent, but both are to-be hall of famers and both are fabulous QBs

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    Ah... probably the third most-asked question of the Y!A AF section behind "what position should I play?" and "who won/will win the SB?" Just to break up the monotony, I alternate every question with opposite answers these days. Today, I'm going with Brady. However, next time, it will definitely be Manning.

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    when u r talking about stats peyton is by far the better one but when u talk about wins it goes to brady easy brady has been to 4 super bowls and peyton has only been to 2 but peyton won his in a more convincing way but tom has three super bowl rings it is a tossup for me they are both great and will go to the hall of fame at the end of their career it is really on opinion

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    That link is to an article published THIS YEAR. It takes into account almost ALL of the analysis necessarry between these two future Hall of Famers. If you disagree with it ask me about it.

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    Jon Kitna

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    Manning doesn't get the Receivers Brady gets. Peyton makes anyone look good while Tom Brady's receivers make him look good.

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