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help with airplanes please ?

what are airplanes supposed to be replacing when they were made?

I was thinking they were supposed to replace boats but i am not sure.

please help its for my project !

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    When airplanes were first invented, like the Wright Brothers, they were really just to prove that it could be done. I don't think the Wright Brothers ever really thought about how airplanes could be used. I seriously doubt they anticipated that they might someday carry hundreds of passengers halfway around the world.

    But the development of airplanes, as fast as it's been for 100 years, has been mostly due to their usefulness in wars. When airplanes were made bigger, it was to carry more bombs. When they were made faster, it was for pursuit or escape. Modern commercial airplanes owe much of the cost of their development to defense departments designing bombers and fighters.

    For instance. Airplanes were first used in war in a big way in WWI. The first mass-produced airplanes were fighters in WWI. By the 1920s airplanes were already big enough to carry several passengers or thousands of pounds of payload. They were made of aluminum, not cloth and wood. The engines were much more reliable, more efficient, better hp/weight ratio. A whole new generation of airplanes came on the scene. But these improvements were ALL made for war, not for peaceful uses. Big manufacturers like Boeing and Douglas grew up because of defense contracts. Then after the war they used what they'd learned to make better commercial aircraft.

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    Planes were supposed to replace boats and trains. They were invented for people and cargo to travel faster.

    95% of the time, planes were used mostly in WWI and WWII which happened 6 to 7 decades ago (60 to 70 something years ago)

    They were invented in 1903 by the wright brothers. First we had propeller driven planes, turboprops then after the propeller era, we now have turbofan airplanes since the De Havilland Comet, which came out in 1949, after that we had the Boeing 367 and Boeing 707, which lead to the developement & production of the 747. Trijets started taking to the skies in the early to mid 60's onto the early 2000's starting in the early 1960's with the Boeing 727, in the early 1970's the A300, DC10 and the Lockheed L1011 came out. After that we were introduced to twin jet engine planes since the first flight of the first A300 built in 1972.

    The jet engine was invented by Frank Whittle.

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    I doubt that the early pioneers of flight had any idea how rapidly aircraft would develop or any clear idea of how they would be used.

    The Wright's first marketing attempts were to the military of several countries, whom were also their first customers. The only real use of the first generation of aircraft were as observation and reconnaissance platforms. They did not have enough load carrying ability to carry cargo or weapons. What they were replacing in that role were balloons - the US Army had used tethered observation balloons since the Civil War.

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    In general, airplanes were to replace slower modes of transportation. And so, they have.

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    i don't think they were made to replace anything but more of a quicker transportation i could be wrong tho

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    they were made to ensure that transportation can be made faster and with more range

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