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Name these characters?

I'm really, really stuck on names for these girls (I need middle name and surnames too.)

First Girl: Was adopted by a rich couple as a child. Spoilt, snobby, self-satisfied, confident. Dark brown hair and brown eyes, with very pale, white skin.

Second Girl: The blood-related sister of the first girl, but two years older. Similar in appearance to the first girl. She was adopted by a middle class family two years after her sister at the age of five. Kind, clever, is not easily offended.

Third girl: A friend of the first girl. Scorns the second girl. Mean-spirited, unkind, spiteful, rude.

I'm REALLY stuck on names. Any would be appreciated. Also: Could the first girl have a unique, but pretty name.

Also: I need a first, middle and surname for all three girls. :)

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    Girl #1:

    Clair Elizabeth St. Marks

    Eden Julianne Winters

    Victoria Paige Thompson

    Elissa Ariella Vancouver

    Bonnie Daniella Williams

    Girl #2:

    Natalie Michelle Miller

    Halle Grace Johnson

    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Faye Jenson

    Abbey Marie Walker

    Jillian (sometimes Jill/Jilly or as her dad calls her, Jill Bill) Rose Hansen

    Girl #3:

    Olivia Bernadette Fleming

    Gemma (Gem) Alexis McBride

    Isabella Grace French

    Corissa Ann Huff

    Lisette Noella Sawyer


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    First Girl: Greta Golden

    Second Girl: Anna Golden

    Third Girl: Kelly McAdams

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    Willow Rose

    Voilet Elizabeth


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    1.Jenna Marie Gates

    2.Chae Isadora Burns

    3.Brittney Nickole Evans

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