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What did Tom Brokaw of NBC News mean when he said this about Keith Olbermann and MSNBC?

According to Howard Kurt’s piece on The Daily Beast, Tom Brokaw of NBC News expressed concern to management that Keith Olbermann has badly damaged MSNBC’s reputation for independence.

What did Tom Brokaw mean by “MSNBC’s reputation for independence” and why is Tom Brokaw worried about this since he doesn't work for the MSNBC network?


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    I dont know why he should say that. Olbermann has a leftist attitude and everyone knows that. Brokaw used to work for NBC. I think Brokaw is senile. He is wrong anyway. We need Keith to express the dissenting view and challenge conventional wisdom and to expose the truth about the government as well as its critics. I signed the online petition.

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