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Who'd Win Ricky Steamboat vs Cm Punk?


old School steamboat

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    Since you said Old School, I'd have to wager my money on Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. CM Punk is good, but he's sneaky & he lacks the reaction time. "The Dragon" was even sneakier & he was so good at whipping around the ring that he'd be in your face before you could even notice or react to it!!!

    Old School Wrestlers, like in WWF, were the best in my opinion. That was way back when all the story lines were believable & everything seemed almost real. You were pumped up about your favorite guy winning the match & you loved to hate the villians. Now adays, the stories are so totally fake & lifeless, & everything is getting too out of hand. It's like no one really cares who wins or not or who's good & evil anymore. They just watch it for something to do from Friday to Monday. (Smackdown & RAW, plus all the PPV's & matches in between)

    Yes, I believe back then, Steamboat could have taken Punk, but now, I don't really know. A lot of older wrestlers have come back from the past & put the younger ones in check, while others were really out of shape & weren't as sharp as they used to be, but who knows anymore? Maybe it could happen.Lol.

    Source(s): My own honest opinion from watching years of wrestling. :-)
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    Ricky Steamboat would wipe the ring with CM Punk. Punk is good, but Steamboat would be too much for him, as he had a more chiseled physique and was a great technician and high-flyer. Steamboat beat Savage and Flair who are LEGENDS in every sense of the word.

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    Steamboat in his Prime and Punk now Steamboat would kill him

    But Steamboat In His Prime vs CM Punk wen he was in ECW Steamboat would win but it would b a good match

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    Considering that Ricky Steamboat is 57 years old, I believe EVEN you can figure out the answer.

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  • Cm punk but i'd want steamboat to win

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    1 decade ago

    Are you retarded? Ricky Steamboat.

    To all of the retarded folks? He typed the old school Steamboat.

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