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Is homosexuality a mental illness?

I was told the other day that homosexuality is no longer considered a mental illness is that true?

Just wondering because I always figured it was.

Its something you cannot change, it is decided at birth, it is outside the "Normal" for society (less then 80% of humans are homosexual) and it changes "Normal" brain patterns.

Im wondering why it isn't a mental illness if it fits into the guidelines for mental illness.

Please define Mental Illness and then Homosexuality for me so that i can fix my misunderstanding i want to use pure logic no hate speech about how it is a scourge on our nation or no heartfelt bull **** about how it is a lifestyle choice or whatever i just want solid fact.


As i said, i want pure fact.

NO talking about love, NO talking about hate, NO bible thumping NO hippy stuff.

Just pure brain function.

FYI love isn't a disease but if your brain fires for a reason that isn't normal and you get a feeling that comes from something that isn't normal (Like say you hate black people because of a head injury or you stop loving your significant other because of a head injury) then it is a mental illness.

Update 2:

What makes it part of the standard variation of human sexuality though? That is the part i don't get, did we just decide it is standard?

Update 3:


Feelings don't matter, I can believe the sun will explode tomorrow that doesn't make it true!

Just facts people! saying "It depends on your opinion" is wrong!

Maybe I'm not making myself clear but when i say disease it doesn't mean "Bad" it means a state that isn't normal for a human to be in that causes a change in their physical, mental, or emotional situation which is deviant from the norm (65.23%) for society! Dwarfism is a disease but it isn't bad! Cleft lip is a disease but it isn't bad!

Ugh... give me an actual answer please so i can do my damn psych hw...

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    Actually, your assumption that homosexuality is not normal is wrong. Homosexuality is classified as part of the standard variation of human sexuality. So while it used to be considered a mental illness, modern (and some would say, less biased) research has concluded that it does not deserve that classification.

    Edit: To expand on the definition of standard variation of human sexuality: To label something as a "disorder" or a "mental illness" is to classify it as something that prevents the person from a standard level of functioning in our society. Homosexual orientation does not prevent or hinder standard functionality of those persons who have sexual and emotional relationships with members of the same sex.

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    its no a choice or a mental illness. Most times with mental illness you can treat the patient with talk therapy and pills. And that isn't the case with homosexuality. And you can't ball it together with pedophilia because both party's are consenting adults. Not a child who is being take advantage of. For example the kid who has sex with adults because they offer the father figure they want or they are offered money.

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    it's not a mental illness, but could be caused by a hormonal imbalance or genetics

    a person's upbringing can also hugely influence it

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    i wouldn't call it a mental illness, but i would say that it can contribute to mental illness. the reason being is that many gay people have become depressed and killed themselves because they felt the world would never accept them.

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    I read an article about a study done a long time ago that found that out of a large number of homosexual boys, all of them had either had a bad experience that caused them to be homosexuals, had conflict with their fathers, or didn't know their fathers. Im guessing that it is a mental illness becaue it used to be treated as such and gay boys could be "cured" from it. But nowadays society wants to accept it and view it as normal.

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    Theres really no right or wrong answer bcus everybody is different and have different views and opinions of homosexuality. I support it.

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    Love is not a disease.

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    Apparently no it is not a mental illness

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