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Denver Broncos: Just a Game or the Real deal.?

Was the Denver Broncos Vs. The Kansas City Chiefs just a game or are the broncos ready to play like a real team. Also Is Josh mcDaniels still on the hot seat?

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    Just a game. The Broncos had a week of rest, so of course they would come ready to play. But this is just one game. They have a lot to prove and right now they have proven (through that one game) that they have the ability to play well. The problem before yesterday was a lack of defense, and a lack of offensive consistency. The Broncos have had talent even before McDaniels was named the coach. The problem was that he mismanaged the team. I am not ready to say that the Broncos will make the playoffs or even win the weak AFC west division. After one game, they have to prove that they can do that week in and week out. The Chiefs on the other hand probably fell apart because they didn't expect the Broncos to play so well. Its a situation where a team comes in with false expectations. I still like the Chiefs to be in the thick of the AFC West, but I think they need to expect teams to play every week no matter how bad they are record wise.

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    The Broncos had better enjoy their overblown win yesterday because it only showed

    that maybe the Chiefs are not whom they thought they were.Raiders are the team to

    beat in the Division.Chargers are the only ones with a chance to wrest the title from

    Oakland.Any Head Coach that has a losing record is on the "Hot Seat" it is just

    the nature of the beast.I do not personally care for McDaniels but he goes out and

    does what he thinks is best for the team and whether that is good or bad is not

    for any arm chair critic to decide.

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    Chiefs are in the same place the Broncos were in last year. Started strong and are gonna end up winning 2 more games at the most. The AFC West is the Chargers division, all the other teams are extremely awful.

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    Up till final week I had my doubts yet whilst the fastened that comeback vs the Pats, that only cemented my opinion proper to the Broncos. they are easily that good. once you have a protection that performs like that and a QB that doesn't turn the ball over (one million INT all twelve months and that replaced into on a hail-mary to end the 0.5 vs the Pats) they are going to be able to win each game. Mike Nolan's protection is elementary frightening and that i could desire to convey regret to Orton, he's enjoying large, I by no ability theory he ought to do this. in spite of the shown fact that, I nevertheless do not think of they're Saints or Colts good, yet they're of course the type of the AFC west, how are you able to think of the Chargers will take that branch? Broncos positioned a hurting on them of their own development, think of what they are going to do in Denver whilst they have been given the thin mountain air on their area. Chargers are already 3 and one million/2 video games lower back and a head-to-head in the back of. The Chargers only ain't what they was, ordinarily because of the fact LT ain't what he was, and their protection is banged up. The Broncos walked throughout them. you're of course a biased Charger fan. That replaced right into a TD. He caught the ball and replaced into interior the endzone, end of the play. that is not proper if he rolls out in a while, they play replaced into already over, TD. in spite of if it wasn't a TD and that they went for it and neglected the Broncos nevertheless could've gained, Chargers did not score a element interior the 4th.

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    We'll see next week, if they can perform as good as they did against the Chiefs then they could be the "Real Deal" and finally woudnt have to be NFL's most under-rated team.

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    Just a game, they were on the opposite end of of that stick when they played the Raiders.

    Source(s): AFC west = WEAK football
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    7 or 8 games left to play.

    If they lose next game then you can conclude yesterday was just a fluke

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