when do you know to use home remedies (home remedy is working for my dogs sarcoptic mange!!!!)?

My JRT mix is itching 99.9% LESS after 2 days of home remedy treatment. I could have spared my dogs 5 weeks of complete misery if I had done this from the beginning! My BC mix is not itching much less but I realize my mistake-I did not use the natural "dip" on all his entire body, only on his stomach, legs and ears, and I see him madly biting at his tail today.

The vet told me if this would really work, wouldn't professionals have heard of it by now and used it. But it's working!!!

I am not one to support home remedies over the vet at all but in this case it's the only thing that helped my dogs sarcoptic mange and non toxically!

have you ever used a home remedy and what was the outcome?

when do you know to try a home remedy over the vet?


Thanks Chi! I am just super excited that at least one dog isn't itching nonstop today..or at all today!!

I'd been to 4 vets and they didn't even dx with sarc mange. Someone here told me it was probably sarcoptic mange when nothing the vets did helped it. One vet wanted to do more allergy testing but I convinced him to rule out sarcoptic mange first.

Update 2:

I didn't TD

Update 3:

Donna--this last vet wanted to send me to a dermatologist and put my dogs through more allergy testing..I sent you mail!

Update 4:

animal_Artwork I emailed you if anyone else wants it too just ask or email

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    9 years ago
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    Glad to hear that something is working for you and your dogs.

    As a former nurse, there are a lot of home remedies that were occasionally used in a homecare situation despite no "medical" approval... and they work AND are used by people with enough sense to know when medical intervention is necessary.

    I would love to hear what the home remedy you're using is. Please email me with it if you feel comfortable doing so.

    Years ago I had a dog that was so itchy for MONTHS that we nearly euthanized him to stop his misery. A skin punch test didn't reveal any mange of either sort. We eventually soaked him in baby oil as a last ditch effort and it alleviated the itching which even the steroids the Vet had given failed to do. We left it on him overnight and then washed him in Dawn. A year later we updated his vaccinations and discovered that THAT was what had caused the original issue. Another soaking in baby oil and Dawn bath and all was well. He was never vaccinated again and never again had that issue.

  • 9 years ago

    So glad to hear your pup is feeling better, I have been seeing lots of your questions about it and was wondering when you were going to find a treatment that works. Woohoo! If it works for him, keep doing it.

    Of course there are many home remedies that work that the vets would never tell us about, it would put them out of business! Think about it. The last time you got a stomach bug, did you go to the doctor? Probably not, most people self treat with Pepto, bland foods and bed rest. Or how about a bad cut from doing some yard work? Most would just clean it, keep it dry and apply antibiotic ointment - nothing different than what the doctor might do.

    We don't use 'home remedies' per se... We just have lots of medications on hand from previous vet visits. We have a surplus of antibiotics, Deramaxx & Rimadyl, and some Prednisone and Acepromazine.

    There were several instances in which our dogs got a bad gash or a cut, which we cleaned with alcohol and a small amount of Peroxide, and sugar (depending on the type of wound, look it up, sugar has great healing properties). We'd apply antibiotic ointment, wrap the wound and put them on a precautionary round of antibiotics. Problem solved, avoided a several hundred dollar vet bill in which they would have done the same thing anyways!

    A breeder friend of mine swears by healing paw pad injuries by soaking in Cola and keeping it clean. Not sure how this works but it seemed to do the trick for her..!

    Source(s): Dog show exhibitor/owner of 5 dogs :)
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    I'm so glad you found something that is working! :)

    Sometimes with symptoms of hypoglycemia, you can give a little sugar water, maple syrup, or goats milk...obviously if that doesn't immediately help, a VET should be in order. There are lots of "home remedies" that can be used to help a situation, but I think for those who do not know what to do & when or if they're dog is very ill & needs a Vet.....home remedies shouldn't be attempted.

    ETA- although with experience you learn how to do some things on your own without a VET....the average idiot should seek a VET instead of searching Y/A! for a miracle cure for their dog who has just been hit by a car.

  • 9 years ago

    That's wonderful!! I'm so glad you found something that worked. :)

    If I was in your situation, no doubt I'd also go for the home remedy.. if you've been to several vets & nothing is working - it's really you're only choice!

    I haven't tried a home remedy personally, but then again my dog hasn't had any major health problems that required any treatment, besides parvo.

    If you don't mind I'd also like to hear the home remedy!

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  • 9 years ago

    I use them ALL the time! Of course vets won't tell you anything about it. They make money off people bringing their dogs in and charging for stuff you can get in vet catalogs for cost. What do you think!!! Can you please email me and tell me what you used for the mange? donnareed37@yahoo.com

    In case I have a problem with it in the future or someone asks me. I get people all coming to me all the time asking about remedies. Thanks in advance. I cleared up demodectic mange in a pup with povidine solution. But I am Curious what you used. When you been around 50+ years you learn to do things on your own and realize 95% of vets are only after money.

  • 9 years ago

    anything like mange you need to go to the vets for treatment.

    you must always check with a vet first if there are any problem with your dog/animal home remedies may wrk but most of the time they do not

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