how to make your spouse become an authoritative parent?

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    Find a parenting course and go together so you are on the same wavelength. Agree on how you are going to handle things so you present an united front. No divide and conquer allowed. It also allows the spouse who wants the other parent to become more authoritative support because the instructor and materials say/advocate the same thing.

    Rob was dead on for younger children. With older child, control electricity and power. Remove batteries or power cords. Something that doesn't allow the device to operate without breaking it. Circuit breakers are also something a kid has to figure out.

    Another great thing to do is give the older child a time period to come up with three consequences for his or her actions/misbehavior, and why they fit the crime. Then one they would select and why. You can even make them write them out. Then you have the option of telling them the exercise was punishment enough becuase it made them think about what they did. The punishments they will come up with are far worse than you would think up. This also keeps the kids in the state of not being able to figure you out. And you don't have to think up the punishment.

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    a toddler is going to variety habit that they are shown via those that they planned to be substantial to them. maximum youngsters are going to enhance up performing the way their father and mom dealt with them and acted at domicile, yet little ones are going to be stimulated via their friends and that they could desire to be waiting to understand incorrect from ideal. That lesson is taught early on at domicile, yet all little ones are going to purpose the obstacles. Adults that have been abused as little ones, and improve as much as be satisfied, healthful adults and don't substitute into abusers, have in many circumstances long gone to counseling or have found out what could set off that habit and stay away from it. starting to be up my father and mom yelled lots, and that i spotted that i could yell at my childrens. I had to start backing remote from the region to administration that. Adults that turn undesirable even nevertheless they have been raised in a good domicile, must be brought about via a chemical imbalance or something that their own family contributors does not understand approximately. there are a number of childrens that are sexually abused, and their father and mom will by no ability understand. So even nevertheless the training of habit start up at domicile, the outdoors international will additionally impression a toddler a thank you to act as an person.

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    Well if corporal punishment isn't his thing then the one thing kids care about is possesion.

    When the kids naughty simply tell him to take the kids toy away or ban him/her from using their favourite games console or device and tell them to sit on the step/appolagise/behave etc.

    The kid will soon learn who has control over the situation.

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    When you find the easy answer... please let me know!!! I became so sick of being the disciplinarian, I backed off. The more I backed off, the more authority he took. I'm sure it won't always be as simple as that but, we still have our struggles. My advice is to really sit down and discuss it, and then actively give him the room to take authority.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Are you sure you want to do this? Authority over who? I am not sure I understand

    your question. If you want your spouse to become more involved in raising children

    then talk with him. He may think he is doing okay.

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    assuming you are talking about the kids ,just forget it as it will never happen

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