CV writing tips, need advise on too long CV?

My resume is about 3 pages, I do think it's too much for a CV, normal CVs have 2 pages only.....I have started it with an objective section, then employment section, then education section, then postgraduate section, then trainee section, then computer skills, then language skills, and ended it with interests.

What should I do to reduce the CV's number of pages?

Thank you.

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    1 decade ago
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    From what I've been told by experts, only IT resumes should be longer than 2 pages.

    The resume you have put together may be an excellent starting point each time you are applying for a position. Customize this resume to focus on the industry / job description of the position you are targeting. I keep a copy of this individualized resume, corresponding cover letter, and a digital version of the job advertisement in a separate directory.

    Many people don't have several separate skills sections. You may be very proud of all the things you have done and can do, rightly so, but what you want is for the crucial items for the job you are applying for to POP off the page. If the job advertisement indicates five items that are requirements for the position, make sure you highlight HOW you meet these in your resume, although not in exactly the same phraseology IF THEY ARE TRUE.

    There are some excellent resume examples online that talk about this but make sure you look at the ones that target the sort of market you are interested in - and make them your own.

    The interest section is often not included unless it is relevant to the job.

    Source(s): Recent job search training and activities including a resume writing seminar.
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    7 years ago

    For CV writing you should have to little bit precise for it because only then it can work other there is no difference between CV and cover letter. So make a difference between both of them then write down you CV and must not more then one page just tell in brief in your CV and in case of cover letter describe in details about yourself and all other details.

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    1 decade ago

    Have you used a template - even some of the Templates in Word are useful; some of them are particularly good at making your resume It is often thought that an 'Objective' section is only really necessary if you are applying for a particular job. If not, then this should be kept as short as possible - one or two lines will usually be enough.

    Space saving tips include cutting out unnecessary bits of text. If you are including an email address? If so, do you really need to write "email address" before it? Chances are people will realize what it is!

    Also, how large are your margins around the edge of the pages? These can be reduced, and are usually set very large by default.

    Without seeing the CV it is hard to be any more specific. But three pages does not sound too long, to be honest. Four would be too long.

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