Ecuador real estate, good idea or not?

Hi, I was thinking about investing in Ecuador, good idea or bad, any takers with experience?

I found some helpful info at but im still not sure...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ecuador is a dangerous place. And the properties here in the states are so attractively priced, why go to a third world country?

  • 1 decade ago

    Real Estate is always good, no matter what country you get it.

    Is for sure, that you will not get the same income as you can get in USA, but you will definitely not pay the same amount on the investment as you will in USA, so is relative.

    Make sure you see the property for yourself or hire someone to inspect the property BEFORE making any kind of deal.

  • 4 years ago

    particularly a purchasers industry terrific now. i'd purchase like loopy and guard for a pair of years in case you will and see if it is going up. domicile expenses terrific now are what you will anticipate in the 70s or 80. all the appreciation that had taken subject over the previous 20 or extra years have evaporated. I comprehend, because of the fact i'm seeking to sell a residence in Cleveland Ohio. I orignally placed the residence obtainable on the marketplace for $one hundred ten,000. Its been obtainable on the marketplace for over 8 months now and that i've got needed to cut back decrease back it to $80,000 because of the fact of the economic device and distinctive issues. I additionally would not prefer to hire to anybody, not different than you reside terrific around the corner. those human beings, a number of them besides will tear your residence to shreds. And, the legislations do not prefer the rentor, they like the renter. in case you hire to a woman and he or she or he would be able to get pregant, and he or she or he refuses to pay the hire, you're actually not waiting to evict her till at last shes' had that teen, this means that your out of stable fortune for a minimum of 8 months. additionally, your not going to stand as much as you think approximately you may desire to get in so some distance because of the fact the quantity of hire. With the extensive volume of properties that are for hire this contemporary, you would be waiting to get much less then you definately evaluate.

  • Robert
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    1 decade ago

    the law is not on your side. so keep that in mind.

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