What would you name these octuplets?

1. Even though she is the oldest she is the smallest. This girl is outgoing and loud. She is pretty popular with the other children but she does have self control. She has blonde hair and brown eyes.Her first name has to be something strong and her middle name starts with a K.

2.This little girl is loving, caring and kind. Ever since she was born she loved music. She is a brunette and has dark blue eyes. Her first name has to do with a famous singer and middle name is 3 syllables.

3.This little boy has green eyes and brown hair. He constantly loves to play and shoot baskets. His first name has to do with basketball or any other sports. His middle name starts with a G.

4.This little girl is shy and loves to be alone, which is surprising because she has a lot of siblings. She loves to draw and pick flowers.She has light brown hair and blue eyes. Her names must have to do with nature and her middle name has 3 syllables.

5.This little boy is playful and quite the ladies man. He is adorable and charming. He has blonde hair and green eyes. Name him after a prince and his middle name has to start with an A

6.This little girl is talented and loves to sing. Name her after a female singer or actress. Her middle name must mean happy or something like that.

7.This little boy is your last boy and he loves attention. Make his initials H.I.

8.This last little girl is curious, spunky and caring. She has always loved animals. Name her something to do with nature and her middle name is food related.

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  • Aga
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    9 years ago
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    1. Chelsy Katherine

    2. Joan Rebecca

    3. Trumball Gavin

    4. Daisy Indigo

    5. William Arthur

    6. Maggie Allegra

    7. Hugh Islay

    8. Georgina Coco

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  • 9 years ago

    1. Clare Kaylee.

    2. Avril Lillian.

    3. Jordan Gabriel.

    4. Pepper Alyssum.

    5. Harold Anthony.

    6. Taylor Alaia.

    7. Hunter Isaac.

    8. Berry Apple.

    Source(s): CK, Avril, JG, Peppie, Harold, Taylor, Hunter, and Berry.
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  • 9 years ago

    1. Charlotte Kate

    2. Oliva Jessica

    3. Emmett George

    4. Delilah Bianca

    5. Prince Ashton

    6. Dakota Felicity

    7. Harley Issac

    8. Willow Reese

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  • 9 years ago

    1. Alexis Kalia

    2. Miley Delilah

    3. Carmelo Gabriel

    4. Raine Abigale

    5. Charles Alexander

    6. Hanna Caroline

    7. Hector Isaiah

    8. Spring Apple

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  • 4 years ago

    Charlotte Eve Lucy Jayne Ruby Violet Sophia Rose Harrison Frederick Theodore James Luke Oliver Max Emmett Charlie, Lucy, Ruby, Sophie, Harris, Theodore, Luke, Max

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Lorelei Kate

    Colbie Annabelle

    Michael Gavin

    Saffron Abigail

    Duncan Andrew

    Hanley Ian

    Robin Parsley

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  • jessy
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    9 years ago

    1. Lara Katharine

    2. Shea Imogen

    3. Allen Gordon (Tony Allen)

    4. Marigold Josephine

    5. Edward Alexander

    6. Ava Felicity (Ava Gardner)

    7. Henry Ivan

    8. Linnet Jasmine

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  • 9 years ago

    Zoe Kate

    Adina Noelle

    Ryan Gregory

    Lily Alyssa

    William Alexander

    Kristin Elizabeth

    Harrison Ian

    Brooke Lauren

    Zoe, Dee, Ryan, Lily, Will, Kristi, Harry, and Brooke

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  • ?
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    9 years ago

    1. Audrey Kate -- The meaning of Audrey is "noble strength".

    2. Ella Rosaline -- Ella Fitzgerald.

    3. Brooks Gavin -- http://www.theclassicbabystore.com/sports-baby-nam...

    4. Violet Lavender

    5. Eric Alexander -- The prince from the Little Mermaid :)

    6. Scarlett Felicity -- Scarlett Johansson & Felicity means happy.

    7. Heath Ian

    8. Willow Hazel -- The meaning of Hazel is "the hazel tree". Like Hazelnut.

    Soo, Audrey, Ella, Brooks, Violet, Eric, Scarlett, Heath, & Willow.

    ♥ {ag}

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  • ?
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    9 years ago

    1. Matilda Kate (Matilda means strength in battle)

    2. Charlotte Vivienne (Good Charlotte)

    3. Raphael Graham

    4. Lily Sophia

    5. William Alexander

    6. Haley Bliss

    7. Hunter Isaac

    8. Rosalie Olive

    Mati, Char, Raph, Lily, Will, Haley, Hunter & Rose

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