What are the 10 government agencies that help protect our oceans?



Thanks, I totally get the homework thing. I just didn't really get her question..like, I didn't know the Navy would be qualified as one. I just had 3 left, and I wanted to check and make sure I had the right ones. Thanks, again :)

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    I didn't know there were 10 of them. The Navy is one for sure. The National Oceanographic & Atmospheric association has "fish police" that board fishing boats to be sure they are in compliance. The Coast Guard helps them. The Fish and Game people make sure the fishing is square. The EPA makes sure no one is dumping stuff in it. The National Ocean Agency and Ocean Management Agency zone coastal areas. The National Weather Service watches for Hurricanes and the like, Federal Maritime Commission regulates transportation, I'm sure there are more, but I am not going to research your homework.

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