I have a heating element that started sparking and continued even after the oven was turned off.?

I have a GE Electric oven. The oven heating element was sparking along a glowing spot that slowly moved along the element. I turned off the oven and the element remained glowing and sparking until I shut off the breaker. After it cooled I made sure the element was securely plugged in and turned the breaker back on. The element started to heat up again and the oven was still off.

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    When you turn off an element it usually only breaks one side of the 240 volt circuit. Therefore one side of the element is touching the oven bottom which is grounded, it will continue to spark.

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    Oven Element Sparking

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    First off, oven elements are NOT supposed to spark, AT ALL, EVER. If you can remove the element, (making sure it's plugged in tight inferrs that it can be unplugged), do so. Don't use this element anywhere in the oven. Don't install it in another area and try it there, take it to your nearest major appliance parts distributor and ask them for another on that doesn't spark. Take along the model number of the range when you go. Elements are typically less than $20.

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    How long have you had the oven? If only that one heating element is doing that, then you made need to replace the heating element. Trying switching that element for another one on the stove. If you're still having the same issue, then there is something wrong with the oven itself. Hopefully it is still under warranty.

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