Egypt: translate "kids" in arabic?

so i went to my aunts over the weekend and there was a little boy there..i never met him before and he was SO CUTE just 3 years old...and i guess i became his best friend because there were only adults all around anyway he wouldn't leave me alone for a second i had to keep playing hide and seek and stuff...then all of a sudden he said "khala i want to give you a gift" (khala= aunt..i dont know if it's the same in arabic) .. but i told him nooo why you dont have to..but he insisted and he brought me a little bag with one of his toys it was his favorite toy he wanted me to have it.. that is SO CUTE! ... some kids are really just too sweet.. so whats one of the cutest things a kid has said to you????

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    Oh GOd ! i adore kids,u have no idea :)) kids are just amazing and adorable creatures and this boy is cute :) he loved u btw :Dhaha...

    i was asleep,then i found my adorable 3 yrs old cousin waking me up softly and when i opened my eyes,he smiled at my face it was such a beautiful moment....:)

    yeah khala is arabic and itis said here in Egypt also but it's more common in countrysides..we say khalto =(my aunt)..

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    As others said khala does mean aunt in Arabic. Well there are many, but the one that stuck to my memory, when my cousin (who's married now for like 7 years) had her first daughter and her first boy and paid us a visit,so i played with them when they visited and they were very happy especially the little girl, so one day after like 2 years of not seeing them,my father went to visit my uncle and co-accidently my cousin was there with her children, so the little girl said "where is dada?" and then my cousin told my father that she meant me because she loves me and wants to marry me LOL It was a good laugh,but i always knew i had my way with children.

    @3ala2: hmmm so you are fishing my mistakes out for me now,eh?

  • doyan
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    nicely i became as quickly as strolling interior the cute streets of Cairo and then rapidly a GMC van knocked me to the floor,right it somewhat is a WTH subject for you. Edit: tab yenfa3 walla mayenfa3shy?!! lol tayeb mara wana f KG wa7ed dala2 mayya 3al tarabeza fa tle3t 3aleha wetza7la2t w w2e3t 3ala weshy wa5adt talat 3'oraz (shanab el 2otta) O.o tenfa3 deh?

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    Yeah, khala is aunt in Arabic too :)

    Well I dunno, but I love little kids as well, and little kids love me, lol.

    Like on time I went jogging with someone (who brought his little girl - 2 or 3 years old), anyways later, he told me that his girl didn't stop talking about me, and then once I met him and his wife in the supermarket, then his wide told me: "Oh, so you are "name" that she keeps talking about all the time), lol. I didn't know how to respond so I was like yeah I guess.

    And my cousin has a little girl in 1st grade who keeps giving me and showing me her toys, lol, and asks me see this? see this? you know this? etc.. lol


    Ana 3omri masme3t wala co-accidentally wala co-incidentally, ana a3raf coworker, company, corporation, coca cola, bas mish el 7agat el gamda bta3etko di :)

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  • Marwan
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    Did he pull your cheeks brdo? :P i wish i had some kids like that in the family, but they're all nuts, maybe the nicest things they did to me was offering some food(when they're full ofc) or promising me i won't go back home with a broken bone :)

    @pepe stop correcting people's grammar!! or should i say greamer :D

  • Al
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    My cousin drew a picture of me taking him to the zoo, coz I had promised him I would if he kept quiet at the movies, he kept his end of the bargain and apparently he was reminding me to keep mine. :@

    Kids are cute from afar...PERIOD

    Source(s): @Wolfo: esmaha co-incidentally ya Monsieur. ;) @Wolf: Nope, they're kinda too obvious to fish, they more like pounce right into my face ;)
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    Innocent kid :) :) he's so sweet , he knows it's his best toy and he thinks it will make you happy :D lol sweet little kids .

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    aww sweet xD

    well it actually happened to my mum..she was sitting outside with a group of friends when she(3y/o) came up and asked "where is Maggie?" (Maggie is her families pony) and then my mums like "i ate her" and she looked a my mum like way....and my mum laughed and was like "no shes in the paddock"

    and the little girl started laughing and reached up and pinched my mums cheek and said" cheeky aunty...cheeky aunty!!"

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    OMG!! kids are Angels on earth...

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