Taylor Swift liner notes fonts?

Taylor Swift fonts she uses in liner notes?

ok guys, i would like to know all the fonts that taylor uses in her liner notes to title her songs and please don't answer "idk" or "good question" please just give me a straight up answer and p.s. i know that she writes her name in "satisfaction" so you don't need to tell me, ok thanks:)

And if you're gonna be mean to taylor or don't answer the question, DON'T ANSWER!!

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    10 years ago
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    I don't know what fonts she is using, but the below answer will give you locations where you can go and try to match them up...good luck

    1. If you are talking about the text in your email...

    When you compose an email

    above the text box where you type an email you find a tool bar. If it is not there then CLICK on RICH TEXT and PLAIN TEXT should appear with the tool bar.

    1. Select the text for which you want to change the font

    2. Now click the font button (F, second in the toolbar) and u get the list of available fonts, select the one you desire.

    3. you can also change the text size using the same toolbar.

    move you mouse over each button to know what it does.

    well this is i how you change the font while composing an email. If you are asking about changing the fonts of entire yahoo email view try clicking on TOOLS at the top of your screen...then OPTIONS and then CONTENT. Depending what Yahoo you are in...IE:Firefox..you might have to click on Tools..Internet Options and then CONTENT...You can do many things with the FONT. You will have to experiment. Click on OK when done..

    And if you really want to fool around try this....Once in click on HELP and it explains many things on how to use it...

    Click the "start" button on the lower lefthand corner of your screen. Click "run", enter "charmap", it will show all your installed fonts and the available characters and wingdings for each font. Try "arial", click on the character you want (it even contains musical notes and little hearts). You may click on a specific character to enlarge it slightly and by "copy & paste" you can insert it in any text you want to. On the bottom of the charmap window it will also let you know which keystroke to use for writing that character

    in addition...try this link


    Enter CHANGE FONT SIZE in the search box

    Another method....click on START....CONTROL PANEL....FONTS...once in click on HELP.....HELP TOPICS...this will show you how to install different fonts....

    good luck

    ....Have a great day...................

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    4 years ago

    Taylor quick of course!!! She is truly proficient and writes her very own songs. Justin Bieber is only going to bathe away like many different pop singers of our time. I went to Taylor quick's stay overall performance "Fearless" and she or he become spectacular! It sounds like she is truly appreciative of her attractiveness and fortune and truly enjoys singing. Justin Bieber is over-edited pop music which skill no longer something. Taylor quick! :)

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