What team was the most impressive yesterday? least impressive?

Here is mine:

Most Impressive: Oklahoma St - I was at the game and OSU looks very good, Wisconsin - Never has been an offensive powerhouse, but putting up 83 points is impressive, OU - Will be a fun game to watch when they play OSU

Least Impressive: Where do I start??? Utah - The loss to TCU last week is sticking with them, Oregon - Of all the people they can thank, the place kicker for Cal should be at the top of their list, Iowa - Tied the game up and then let Northwestern score 14 unanswered points

Time for your picks.


@ Jack - FSU barely beat Clemson so they definitely were not the most impressive.

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    Most impressive- Wisconsin. It's hard to beat 83 points.

    Least impressive- Ole Miss. Giving up 52 points to a winless SEC team and getting beat by 38. That says it all.

    Utah's right there with them, but they were greatly overrated all year long and it's showing. It's more a product of being overrated than anything else. They're a good example why these lower-conference teams who haven't played many good teams aren't ever considered for the national championship.

  • Mary
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    4 years ago

    Least Impressive: Texas - The Longhorns have lost 4 out the last 5 games. If the Nebraska receivers hadn't dropped so many passes, it would have been 5 straight loses. Most Impressive: Nebraska - Huskers score 24 points in the 1st quarter against the #6 ranked team. Roy Helu, Jr. set an all-time Nebraska single game rushing record with 307 yards.

  • 9 years ago

    Most Impressive-

    Cal- Despite losing, they held that Oregon Offense to only one TD

    San Diego State- Piled up 35 points on TCU's "brick wall" defense

    Northwestern- Yet again, they show they can compete with the giants of the Big 10

    Least Impressive-

    TCU- This was their chance to continue dominance and sputtered BIG TIME

    Utah- I thought they were overrated seeing as the only real team they had beaten was 5-4 Pitt. they've been exposed as pretenders

    Oregon- They really should have lost 16-15 had Cal's kicker not moved a bit before the snap. they also showed they can't do much offense without having to do hurry up

    Auburn- Yes they won and won big, but I see a defense that is easily vulnerable and Bama can run them over

  • 9 years ago

    Most = Wisconsin. Least = Oregon (would have lost if not for penalty against successful Cal field goal.....Ducks looked very ordinary and nothing like the best college team in America.

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    Most: Lsu

    Least: Oregon

  • Anonymous
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    Most impressive = Florida State

    Least impressive = Florida

  • 9 years ago

    Least had to be Utah. They lost to Notre Dame.

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