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How do you get your dogs to stop scent marking in the house over eachother?

I have 4 small dogs.3 female and 1 male.They are all fixed.Well my oldest female thinks she is the most dominate dog.(Her and my male are the problem)So whenever we let them to go potty outside one dog will go then the other will actually wait to pee over it.Well it was fine outside it wasn't a they are starting to do it inside and its a BIG problem that we have tried to stop over and over and over.Nothing works.We have steam cleaned all the carpets in the house (they dont pee on anything but the rug) and we have tried to get rid of the scent to discourage them to go again.Well there will be no dogs scent and so one of them will pee on the rug and if someone in my family doesnt see it (They do it in the dinning room which no one really goes in.) right away they will go over it.Well by the time someone ever notices it theres like 10 different stains!It smells horrible whenever i clean it up and i actually put this stuff on the rug to make it smell good.Im tired of doing this because now I get to come home everyday to clean 20 different stains up.Can anyone help me?

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    If your dogs are going to the restroom inside your home, I have a way you can stop it. I have a German Shepherd and so he doesn't go to the restroom inside my home I take him out for a walk first. After that I let him go outside in the backyard every 2 or 3 hours so he can do his business again.

    Clean all the places that your dogs have gone to bathroom in your house with disinfectant so you kill all the bacteria from their urine.

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    That urge should decrease if they are all fixed, and if they still do so, show them that that's not allowed and put them outside. Reward them when they resist to mark.

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