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Has the U.S. won any wars since ww2?

We allegedly have the best military in the world, but think about it. Have we won a war since ww2? Vietnam= lost, korea = stalemate, iraq and afganistan = fail I'm mean were killing the shyt out those ppl, (most of whom are innocent) but are goals are not being met, which is ousting the terrorist. Oh I forgot, panama in which they were charged with violating their own geneva convention

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    US didn't win WW2. The ALLIED FORCES won WW2.

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    I certainly agree with Vietnam been a loss and Korea been a stalemate.

    With Afghanistan and Iraq its still to early to say, if Iraq becomes a stable and successful country whilst Afghanistan embraces a fair democracy and are able effectively contain or eradicate terrorism then American and coalition intervention would be considered a success.

    But there are still wars that America has won since world war two. Grenada, the Gulf war (1991) and Korea could be considered a kind of victory because we prevented total North Korean control. But by far the greatest victory for the United states was not on the battle field instead it was the ideological, political, economical and everything else ical cold war against the Soviet Union that ultimately saw the USSR whimper away and the US becoming the world only superpower.

    And the Geneva convention is not America's in fact it took 18 years of arm twisting by American red cross organizer Clara Barton before the government ratified the thing and by that time it was agreed to by 12 countries. And as Geneva would suggest, it was envisaged in Switzerland.

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    Korea: Our goal was not to destroy North Korea but to preserve South Korea which we did and continue to do today. The only reason we did not destroy North Korea was because our country did not need a war against China.

    Vietnam: I will admit this was a complete clusterfuck on many levels.

    Gulf War: Victory to say the least.

    Iraq: Our goal was to create a pro-democratic government and free elections. These elections have taken place for five years now. Success.

    Afghanistan: Work in progress, I myself dont know how that is going to work out.

    Small Engagements:

    Somalia: Goal was to eliminate AIdid, he was eliminated. Although we payed a cost.

    Panama: Victory

    Grenada: Victory

    Kosovo: Victory

    The United States Military is the least corrupt in the world. If you kill a innocent civilian where directly or indirectly you will be charged. Our ROE are so strict we can barely shoot the guys shooting at us.

    We ousted the al-Qaeda and the Taliban from Afghanistan within the first couple of years in Afghanistan, we are there so there to make sure they aren't allowed a safe sanctuary when we leave.

    Wars are not lost by the military but by politicians.

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    Yes, Our goal wasnt to defeat North Korea but to save South Korea, we did =WIN.

    We pulled out of Vietnam before the defeat, We didnt lose, South Vietnam did.

    Grenada =WIN

    Iraq =WIN

    Afganistan, We arent killing civilians, the terrorists are with IED's, Were blowing them out of their caves every day. It probably wont be over soon, but we will win.

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  • falmer
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    First, u . s . a . did not lose Vietnam. there became no warfare in Vietnam. It became only a large scale help operation. We were at warfare with the NV as a lot as Nepal is at warfare with Sudan, or France is at warfare with the Ivory coast. 2d, u . s . a . many times has a tendency to to be a area of a large scale help position to NATO or the UN, as you said there have been very few circumstances u . s . a . is going in on my own. however u . s . a . has lengthy gone to warfare with Grenada, Panama, and the Dominican republic.

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    10 years ago

    MAybe no wars have been WON but several conflicts/battles have been victorious. If you look into history you see that we only lose because people stopped supporting the war.

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    The invasion of Grenada was a clear victory.

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    10 years ago

    How about the Cold War? Where's the USSR?

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    well ofcourse we havent won any actual wars since ww2, since the last time congress actually declared war WAS ww2.

    if you mean military actions since then:

    Korea: our goal was to keep the part of korea south of the 38th parrallel free from communist rule (look up "containment policy"). last i checked that area was still free. uniting the koreas under democractic rule was just a bonus that we didnt reach.

    Vietnam: the country was split in 2 along the 17th parrallel before the US military got involved, and similiar to the korean war our goal was to keep the southern half a democratic state. The Paris Peace Accords ended the US involvement in 1973 and declared a ceasefire and the split between the 2 countries remained on the (you guessed it): 17th parrallel. under the treaty, the 2 Vietnams were able to resume combat operations, but the US was done with the war. after we pulled out, the south fell in 2 years.

    Lebanon crisis of 1958: US restored order to the country and prevented communist rule. pretty clear cut victory

    Panama: first off, the geneva convention isnt "our own." Henry Dunant from switzerland was the founding father of the geneva conventions and they were created and signed by 12 countries at the end of ww2. its not just something the US does. secondly, how did we violate them? by extraditing noriega to france? the geneva conventions do not prohibit a country from following extradition agreements with other countries. the housing of EPWs? they were provided food, shelter, and medical attention which is all the geneva conventions demands. anyway, panama was a straight forward victory: we went in, got rid of who we wanted to get rid of, defeated their military, and restored their democratic constition.

    granada: clear victory, ousted the dictator who overthrew the government and restored order.

    Desert storm: how can you possibly argue that that wasnt a victory? we pushed the iraqies out of kuwait and saddam surrendered.

    afghan: actually several of our goals have been met, such as removing the taliban from power, setting up a democtratic government, getting afghans security forces up and running, etc. we have captured or killed several insurgent/terrorist leaders, although we havent got osama (who btw is an old diabetic in the 3rd world country who hasnt really made any appearances lately that can be proven to be new and not just old footage... he probably died years ago in some cave).

    iraq: i had a good laugh when you said we are not meeting goals.

    defeat the iraqi military: check

    oust saddam from power: check

    capture saddam: check

    give saddam a trial by an iraqi court and follow out their sentance: check

    get rid of the wmds over there: check (you'll probably argue with this one since im guessing you dont know that WMDs consist of more than just nuclear weapons. we removed hundreds of chemical warheads after the invasion)

    set up a democratic government: check

    get their security forces up and running: check

    get the government able to sustain itself: check

    get the security forces able to handle thier own business: check

    withdraw most troops down to the level where they're only assisting the local security forces: check

    incase you havent noticed, iraq has largely died down when it comes to insurgent activity.

    furthermore, thanks for proving your own ignorance towards iraq and afghan.

    the current civilian death estimate for iraq is between 98,000 and 107,000 which if you go further than just looking at the number (how about you actually check what they died from instead of being a sheep lead around by propaganda spewing retards?) you'd see that the vast majority of them are killed by insurgents

    infact for over 60% of civilian casualties, coalition troops arent even in the area when they are killed. of the remaining 40%, more than half of those are victims of IEDs or VBIDs and just happened to get caught in the blast when insurgents attempt to attack coalition troops. the remaineder just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. either they got caught in the middle of a firefight, violated a curfew they were well informed of, didnt evacuate a city that they had plenty of time to do, just got unlucky and happened to live under the same roof as an insurgent cell, did something that troops percieved as a legitimate threat, or in a very few individual cases were victims of troops who acted outside of the geneva conventions and the strict ROE/EOF guidelines that we follow (and that im SURE you know all about...). also keep in mind that its not split between what the US/UK/IA/IP/etc. civilians killed by coalition troops include Iraqi Police and Iraqi Army.

    the same trend follows for afghan.

    coalition forces are responsible on average for 12% of civiilan casualties... opposed to the 76% by insurgents (12% undertimed cause).

    Source(s): former 82nd airborne + oif vet
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    there is several aspect of winning us has its hegomany in the world its about we can do not just soft power

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