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who will play "the joker" in the dark knight rises?

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    ~ At the moment there is NO information on the plot, the WHOLE cast, nor the villain (there is a possibility it will be another villain and not the joker). The Comic books have plenty of story to make a movie on another villain, but again i say there is no for sure information on anything (story-wise).

    ~ The Dark Knight Rises (2012) ~

    »Directed by: Christopher Nolan

    »Produced by:

    Benjamin Melniker.... executive producer

    Christopher Nolan.... producer

    Charles Roven.... producer

    Emma Thomas.... producer

    Michael E. Uslan.... executive producer


    Christian Bale... Bruce Wayne

    Morgan Freeman... Lucius Fox

    Gary Oldman... Jim Gordon

    Michael Caine... Alfred

    »Original Music by:

    James Newton Howard (rumored)

    Hans Zimmer (rumored)

    »Cinematography by:

    Wally Pfister

    »Casting by:

    John Papsidera

    »Production Design by:

    Nathan Crowley

    »Costume Design by:

    Lindy Hemming

    »Visual Effects by:

    Paul J. Franklin.... visual effects supervisor

    (Source: imdb)

    hope i was of some help ~

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  • 10 years ago

    there are rumors going about that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play The Joker. But Christopher Nolan even said so himself that he will not re-cast the role. However they did cast a brilliant actor by the name of Tom Hardy (who starred in the movie Bronson) to play a main role but they haven't said who he will be playing or who the villain will be. The only thing they've confirmed so far is the title and that the villain will not be The Riddle and it will not be Penguin or Mr. Freeze which pretty much just leaves Black Mask as the main villain in my opinion since he is one of Batman's most notorious villains.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    the joker probably wont be in the movie, they havent even released information on who the villans are yet. I hear alot about Cat Woman. But it most likely wont be two face or the joker. If they have the joker in that movie then everyone is going to very upset. And two face is dead so.

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  • 10 years ago

    Blake Lively

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