Did Hitler really hate Jews?

From what I know about World War II, Hitler wanted space to create his "master-race" of Aryans. Originally, all he wanted to do was to expel all non-Aryans from Europe. But faced with the monumental effort to do this, Adolf Eichmann decided to kill non-Aryans instead. Is this true? If so, did Hitler really hate Jews and non-Aryans or did he just think they were inferior? If it isn't true, could you tell me the actual story?


First, it wasn't Hitler that killed Jews, Adolf Eichmann was the man who proposed killing Jews in gas chambers. And second, no I'm not a nazi nor will I ever be.

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    Hitler was most of all a politician. Politicians adopt attitudes and opinions based on the people they want to vote for them. For instance, if you were running for Congress in Mississippi or Alabama, you'd have to at least pretend to be anti-Gay and Pro Life. After being in politics for 30-40 years, you might not even know how you actually felt about things, all your opinions would be based the polls, on your 'target demographic.'

    Hitler used the Jews as a scapegoat. It wasn't -just- Jews, it was Gypsies, communists, intellectuals, Catholics, gays, artists, etc. etc. But Jews were the most convenient scapegoat because there was already a lot of antisemitism in Germany. In bad times it's always useful to have someone to point to, to say 'THEY are the cause of all our problems!'

    When Martin Luther reformed Christianity in the 1500s, he rewrote the Bible from ancient versions that had been used by Jews thousands of years before. He thought he had eliminated all the corruption and 'revisionism' that Jews didn't like about the Catholic Church, and he expected the Jews of Germany to join him and become Lutherans. He met with Jewish leaders of the time, and when they refused to convert, he was very angry, and he wrote some very nasty things about Jews. Lutheranism quickly became the standard religion all through what would later become Germany, and Luther's hatred of Jews became a nationwide feeling. It was still around when Hitler came to power, so he used it to help him.

    Hitler's 'campaign' had a lot to do with German folklore and mythology. It tied the German people together and helped them feel better about themselves (this is another important thing in a depression, using nationalism to make people feel prouder of themselves). Part of this was a sort of folk-worship of what was seen as the ideal German person--blonde, muscular, good-looking, Lutheran, etc.--and also a distaste for anyone who departed from that ideal. Hitler pushed the idea that God wanted Germans to run the world, because they were just better than anyone else.

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    Most of your story here is correct. It was more the idea of creating a master race and killing the inferior. He also looked to the U.S., who also had socialists that believed in similar things. If you're interested, research Margaret Sanger and Eugenics. She is the founder of what is now Planned Parenthood. But if you find her writings, birth control was not about "women's rights," but about stopping the "imbeciles" from reproducing. A sad part of our history people don't talk about.

    Anyways, Hitler did kill others in the holocaust, including blacks, gypsies, and the handicapped. But why the Jews? Just the first, easy target. They were already viewed by much of Europe as greedy bank owners who would take advantage of others.

    So Hitler didn't really just "hate the Jews." They were just his first, easiest target.

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    The original plan was to take back what they thought was Germanic lands. Hitler wanted the Jews out of Germany but nobody would take them. The final solution did not happen until 1945 which is why the 6 million figure is in question because nobody can kill that many people that fast.

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    Devin, the "history teacher" in here is quite confused and confusing. You see, all "others" murdered by shitler, even combined, don't come close to the awful number of Jews, primarily elderly, women and children. So, this is a real answer, if you really had a question...

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    hitler killed 6 million jews. that is not hate? are you a nazi?

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    No, He was a half Jew too. But Hitler knew Jew will destroy Germany. Without Hitler Germany would be Palestine.

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    Eichmann did what Hitler told him to do, as did Himmler and all the other Nazis.

    1. The Holocaust can be considered to have begun in 1933 with Hitler's coming to power in Germany, and proceeded from that time in stages. The first stage was the Nuremberg Laws, the first of which was passed in 1933. They began and continued a policy or making the Jews second class citizens, denying them employment in various fields--such as teachers, lawyers, etc.--denying them equal rights with "Aryans," and leading eventually to taking away their citizenship altogether. Many of Germanys Jews were thus compelled to flee Germany, and many of these were Nobel Prize winners, university professors, and scientists--Freud, Einstein, etc..--who would end up in the US and Great Britain. As you will recall, Einstein was the one who first alerted FDR to the possibility of nuclear weapons, and it was expatriated German Jews who were instrumental in making the Manhattan Project a success. These same Jews--and many, many more in various fields of research and weapons development--helped Hitler's enemies win the war. Had Hitler not driven away all these talented scientists, they'd have been on Germanys side, as they were in WW1--the fellows who invented Germanys poison gas weapons, advanced drugs to treat the war wounded, etc., were Jews--and would have been developing weapons for Hitler, not FDR.

    2. Once the war started, and the Final Solution was implemented, every guard who now had to deal with killing Jews was not available for duty on the Front. Every able-bodied Jew--Jews who would have fought for Germany as they had during WW1--who was killed in the gas chambers was not available for duty on the Front. All the materials utilized to build concentration camps and gas chambers were not available to build defenses such as tank traps on the Front.

    3. In the wars final stages, as the Red Army was approaching from the East and Patton and Bradley were approaching from the West, Hitler gave first priority to transporting Jews to Death Camps instead of soldiers to the Front, his hatred of them was that great.

    4. Another unintended effect of the Holocaust occurred after the first Death Camps were liberated by the Allies. When the Allied soldiers, many of whom were themselves Jewish, saw what the Germans had been doing, they tended to stop taking German prisoners, especially members of the Waffen-SS, and executed them instead.

    5. The Nazis did utilize slave labor, but the type of slave labor they utilized Jews for was not really meant for production as such, but to further a policy of "Death Through Work." As such, it was very inefficient and tended to be very counterproductive.

    6. Those Jews who managed to escape the walled-off ghettos or Death Camps formed partisan bands behind the lines that engaged in sabotage and other efforts to stymie the Nazi war machine. Many divisions of German soldiers had to be engaged behind the lines to fight these partisans rather than take Stalingrad or protect Omaha Beach.

    All things considered, the Holocaust had an entirely negative effect on the Nazi war effort, and succeeded in vilifying for all time all things related to Hitler and his spurious ideology.

    Hitler's ideas were very simplistic, and can be basically described as a sort of Survival of the Fittest and Most Ruthless. This principle is applied by Hitler not just to individuals, or even just species, but particularly to Races. He twisted and perverted Darwinistic principles to manufacture an elaborate Lord Of The Rings type world-view where the 'Aryans' were the Elves, the Brits the Hobbits, the Russians the Trolls, the Jews as Ogres, etc..

    It was a compelling narrative to many Germans who had grown up reading such German authors as the Brothers Grimm and attending operatic works of savage mythology by the likes of the anti-Semite Richard Wagner. But in the real world, such ideas made sub-humans of 'Races' other than those Hitler liked, and allowed his followers to convince themselves that Jews and others were not really human, so killing them was not a crime, but actually a defense of human values.

    All in all, it was a very sick and inhuman philosophy, and had nothing at all in common with egalitarian principles. In fact, it was a savage reaction to the Soviet AND American/West European systems; a philosophy of hate and intolerance that is anathema to the humanitarian impulse.


    Source(s): See the Yahoo! Group 3rdReichStudies – WW1, Weimar, WW2, Holocaust, Cold War: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/3rdReichStudies/join
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    He murdered over six million of them.

    But the real issue was that he hated everyone. In the end he even murdered himself, Eva Braun, his dog Blondi.......a real nut case.

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    yes, just like modern libs hate the jews

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    In what respect Devin? I would like to help but you need to clarify the question.

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