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Is Treyarch going to fix that "No Killstreaks in Combat Training" bug that SOME people have to deal with?

I got Black Ops, signed in, played some combat training and there was no killstreaks. Not even the basic ones, and when I reached lv10, they were all unselected and grayed out and wouldn't let me equip them but they would let me buy them. I thought that it might be fixed the next day, or just a minor problem. I played on my friends' tag and there was killstreaks. I went on mine and it didn't work. Unlike what most people said, I didn't play my first game on splitscreen, and in fact the friends' tag, did work and his first game WAS splitscreen so IDK, is Treyarch going to do anything?

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    I had the same problem. No killstreaks in combat trainig. So I went playing onilne against human players and ranked up to level 10. Then I reset my killstreaks, buyed the rcxd and got a killstreak with it. When I went back to combat training, the killstreaks worked. So just try to get level 10 online. Then you can use killstreaks in combat training. Strange but worked.

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    Well I have played Combat Training and have experienced no such problem. I think that Treyarch will fix it soon but they are swamped atm trying to fix the Lag issues and all the other problems that they are having

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    They don't know how to fix it yet and they told me only a small percentage of people have this problem...but 19 out of 40 on my friendlist have this problem too..theres vids of this problem on youtube and gamespot gamefaqs and other sites are getting alot of posts on this still no solution though hope for a patch soon.

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