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How can I get a flat feminine tummy and body.?

OK so I've not long come out as being a transsexual (M2F) and I'm waiting to go on HRT, how can I help improve my body looking more feminine, I want to get a nice flat tummy for wearing a bikini and want to get down to 9st. any advice?

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    Hi Jessica!

    The best thing you can do RIGHT NOW is lose weight!!! Here's why...

    One of the things that HRT does is gradually change the places your body deposits fat. Start a new way of eating and start a workout routine NOW and keep it up until you're at least 6 months into HRT.. Then stop. The longer you're on HRT, the more your body will have a tendency to deposit fat in the "girly" places, like your hips, thighs and breasts. Doing this might have a very positive effect on your facial changes as well. After a few years of HRT you can start to be concerned with getting a bikini body ;-)

    Don't worry about visual perfection right now... Start by effectively feminizing your body and worry about the other stuff later.


    ... 5 years transition; GRS in 2011

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    Flat tummies aren't feminine, they are masculine. The girls who look best in bikini have soft curves, not hard abs. A flat stomach will only make you look more manly.

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