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Why si my guy-friend so f-ing weird only around me??? :O?

i just strtd soph year bout 3 months ago and i just met this new guy (friend)!! hez definitly far from my type yet it always seems he was (def) interestd! later he asks me to homecoming and i said yeah but then i had to turn him down bcause my parents made me ( grades wer seriously lagging! :C) and he says "cool its ok ill just ask some1 elze, even though i kno hes bummd. and aftr he totally startz "talkin" to othr girls right in front of f-in me!!! God, and sometimes we talk a little( bfore i turnd him down, he would ditch his friends to hang in my group just for me <3-breaker...) one day and hed completeli blow me off the next!!! seriousli, im not jealous or anything but its just thiz guy is a complete a$$-ukno so yah if anione haz evr had this situation, i need some help yo!!



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  • 10 years ago
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    He clearly likes you. He's probably playing hard to get and trying to make you jealous.

    If it really bothers you, then confront him about. Tell him that you want to be his friend, but the way he is acting is making it difficult. Make it clear that you ONLY want to be friends, though, or he may feel like he's gotten you interested, and you don't want to lead him on.

    If he doesn't like you enough to simply stay your friend, then forget him. He's not your type, so you don't like him anyways, and there's not much point in pursuing his friendship in that case.

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  • 10 years ago

    U are jelous lol. Its obv.

    Look, u said no... u wasted points on asking a question u no.

    He likes u. U like him. ur jelous when he talked to other girls (i what?)


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